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William Branham and the Wheelchair Failure

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William Branham and the Wheelchair Failure:

Many in the "Message cult" are familiar with the failed "healing" of the invalid man in Arizona, who Branham claimed would one day "say the right thing" and "rise up and walk." He died in the same condition as his before his "healing."

What the cult pastors do not tell you is that there are more. ... many more.

According to the Shreveport Times, Thursday January 30, 1947 (interestingly near the same city Roy E. Davis held massive recruiting campaigns for the Ku Klux Klan), Branham told an elderly woman that she, too, was healed. But when she rose and tried to walk, she nearly fell flat on her face. Rather than walking out of the building "healed," she was pushed back out of the meeting, still invalid.

"As the self-styled 'divine healer' announced that each person he had prayed for had just recovered, his devotees lifted their heads, raised their arms high above their heads, and said, 'praise the Lord.' An aged woman in a wheeld chair, a victim of paralysis, took a few steps but had to be supported by ushers as she tried to walk. For a moment, the ushers let her go, but she almost fell and was put back in the wheel chair."

Interestingly, the superintendent of schools decided Branham would no longer hold meetings using their facilities. Also interesting is that Branham was promoting faith in themselves rather than faith in God for their healing. According to William Branham, "If you believe you are cured, you are."

Also interesting is that he used his tear-jerking "life story" to increase their faith in themselves -- a story that we now know to be mostly fictional.