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It Runs In The Family:

Interesting side story in the Roy E. Davis saga. When Roy E. Davis came to hide out in Jeffersonville from his charges of swindling and underage sex in multiple states, he was certainly not alone. Besides mentoring, training, and ordaining William Branham in the Pentecostal ministry, Davis reconnected with family. Two of the children that he abandoned in the state of Texas were in the area, as was his brother Dan Davis. Dan was likely the reason Roy came, leaving Tennessee with the federal government hot on his tail.

Dan was involved with Roy Davis' "Christian" missions and charitable organizations in both Louisville and Jeffersonville -- those involving Roy's fraud and swindling scandals. According to the 1939 newspaper article (Courier Journal, September 23, 1939), Dan narrowly escaped conviction for his involvement in Roy's criminal activity. How did he escape you ask? The witnesses who testified before the Kentucky Grand Jury just .. disappeared. All of them. Where they murdered? Or did the Klan threaten them to silence?

This particular case is interesting with regards to Roy Davis' time with William Branham. Dan's trial for misusing donations happens to be the same year Roy E. Davis was extradited from Jeffersonville, Indiana to Hot Springs, Arkansas on charges of grand theft and connection to murder. It appears the local, state, and federal governments were staring to recognize the criminal activity in the churches Davis established. Was this why Hope's mother warned William Branham to stay away from "those Pentecostals?"

The illegal activities and unethical, immoral scandals of the Davis church was certainly no secret in Jeffersonville. Why did William Branham join a church with sex-craved crooks? Why did he continue as elder in Davis' Pentecostal church long after they were exposed? Why did he continue to praise, support, promote, Roy Davis until his death in 1965?

Did William Branham have a life-debt to the Ku Klux Klan?

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