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In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses

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In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses:

Several months back, we posted New Life Magazine's interview of Ern Baxter. People around the world learned the first-hand why the preaching half of the Branham-Baxter campaigns resigned. Baxter claimed that some of the things were "seriously wrong," and that "other circumstances" became unbearable. Was Ern Baxter referring to Branham's association with white supremacy groups and the Ku Klux Klan?

Baxter says:

Branham as a teacher was outside of his calling. The fruits of his teaching ministry are not good.
- Ern Baxter

One of the reasons for my leaving him was that he was starting to say some seriously wrong things. When that, coupled with other circumstances, eventually became unbearable, I resigned.
- Ern Baxter

Sadly, Baxter himself was not aware the extent of the problems with Branham's ministry, duped like the rest of us on major issues such as the failed "Bridge prophecy." But Baxter's assessment of Branham is confirmed by Jim and Mary Watt, who also was familiar with Branham's erroneous teaching.

Watt says:

I agree with the general insights expressed by Baxter in this interview. Branham had a true Gift of Healing, but was a terrible teacher. I walked out on two of his meetings while he was teaching. Gordon Lindsey prior to Baxter, tried to get Branham not to teach, but was unable to do so. I believe it was for this reason that God took him home in 1965, before he could do more harm with his teaching.
- Jim & Marie Watt

Will "Message" cult members side with the Biblical "mouth of two or three witnesses?" Will they accept Baxter's resignation, Watts confirmation, and Gordon Lindsay's warnings to heart and examine Branham's claims for themselves?