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50 Reasons Why You Should Join The OKKK

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50 Reasons Why You Should Join The OKKK:

The University of Virginia has several documents related to the rise of the Civil Rights movement, including many documents published by the various white supremacy groups that tried to fight against it. One document of interest is entitled "Fifty Reasons Why You Should Join The Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan," written by Imperial Grand Dragon Reverend Roy E. Davis.

Many questions were asked about the Imperial leader during the FBI investigation of the Kennedy Assassination, and this document was mentioned in the investigation. As the United States Government began investigating the terroristic organizations that had infiltrated the united states and aided (or executed) the Kennedy Assassination, some were questioned as to the purpose and intentions of the anti-American and even lawless declarations it contained.

Interestingly, former Branham cult members will recognize some of these sprinkled throughout the transcripts of Branham's sermons from 1947 to 1965.

To what extent did Imperial Grand Dragon Roy E. Davis influence the ministry of William Branham? Did he and William Upshaw purposefully create a religious cult, or did the cult form after they helped ignite William Branham's ministry?

Our research page on Roy E Davis has been updated.

For more on William Branham's connection to Klan leaders Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw, check out Stone Mountain To Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis!