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The Cadle Tabernacle Photographs

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The Cadle Tabernacle Photographs:

In the past few years, several have become aware of the connection between Jim Jones and William Branham. Studies have examined the creation of a destructive cult leader that started at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana where the Church of the Open Door allowed William Branham to kick-start Jones' rise to infamy. Recently, studies examined Jim Jones' usage of the "Message" to indoctrinate his cult followers.

Since our publication of these facts, several questions have been sent in. Why did William Branham's alleged "discernment" fail during his "private interviews" during the Jones' campaign in Indianapolis? Why do the transcripts appear to be edited, with almost all references to Jim Jones removed? Why do cult churches, such as Nathan Bryant's New Albany Indiana group name their followings "Church of the Open Door?" Don't most "Message" churches disfellowship any who disagree? Aren't their doors the exact * opposite * of open? Most importantly, where are all the photographs from William Branham's joint campaign with the infamous Jim Jones of Jonestown?

Well, apparently, they were right before our very eyes all the time, and researchers have pointed them out. We just never stopped to think about the size and shape of the entire collection of "sacred" photographs of William Branham!

The video:

Photographs in their entirety are now posted to our Jim Jones research page: