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Legal Discovery For Message Cult Victims

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Legal Discovery For Message Cult Victims:

The "Message," the collective name for William Branham's religious mind control cult and several splinter groups, is not immune to marital and family issues. Cult escapees sometimes describe their increased trauma due to legal disputes, divorce and/or abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and especially spiritual abuse. While these types of issues are concealed to most under the undue influence of the cult, escapees are now bringing to light what has been hidden behind closed doors.

Victims and their legal counsel often use the research from our website for pre-trial discovery, and sometimes contact us for information as it relates to their situation. Though each case is entirely different, many similarities exist between them. To make this process easier for victims and their legal counsel, we have prepared a collection of resources to aid in legal discovery.

Through indoctrination and fear, those under the undue influence of the cult are trained to overlook the horrific statements by William Branham. Unfortunately, children of the cult -- not yet trained to overlook them -- are forced to listen to the recorded statements promoting physical and sexual abuse.

Now, with recorded statements instructing cult victims to adhere to this criminal activity as "absolute truth" by the cult's new central figure (Joseph Branham), each instance of William Branham promoting physical or sexual abuse can be used as both legal discovery and material for trial by jury. Also, former trials involving physical and sexual abuse (as the example in Prescott, Arizona) is admissible in court.

The page is now live and freely available to those involved in civil or criminal suits, and will be updated with content as time permits. If you have subject matter you wish to include in this page, personal testimony you wish to provide as evidence to support other victims (both named or anonymous), or any additional suggestions, please give us feedback on our Contact page.

If you comment in our social network feeds, please limit the conversation to descriptions of the situations without naming victims or abusers.