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White Supremacy Branham's Early Influence of the Assemblies of God

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White Supremacy: Branham's Early Influence of the Assemblies of God:

Taken from "A History of the Pentecostal Church":

When Mr. Parham came to visit his former student's revival in October 1906, he was dismayed to find scenes of ecstatic praying and frenzied dancing. A Ku Klux Klan sympathizer, he was particularly displeased by the mixing of the races at services that he derided as "Southern darky camp meetings."

The two men dissociated, and not long after the revival ended the Pentecostals split along racial lines into two major denominations, one black, the Church of God in Christ, and one white, the Assemblies of God, with which the Tabernacle in Atlanta affiliated in the 1940's. The Pentecostal faith spread like fire, most rapidly in the deeply segregated South, but white Southerners were far from ready to embrace the multiracial ethic of Azusa Street.

Did Roy E. Davis' Ku Klux Klan agenda influence the speaking venues of William Branham? Was F. F. Bosworth, founder of the Assemblies of God, involved with Davis?

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