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The Trail of the Serpent

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The Trail of the Serpent:

An interesting read to any who have been influenced by the doctrinal stance of William Branham. Copyright 1928 by W. M. Likens.

Though Branham used this title often for the "upcoming" sermon that he never preached (and created the "return ministry sect of the cult), it was unlikely that he would admit his ties to the Ku Klux Klan or name Davis and Upshaw as high-level Klansmen.

When I go home this time, I'm preaching on the subject, The Trail Of The Serpent
Branham, 65-1031M - Power Of Transformation

Soon I want to preach the message of The Trail Of The Serpent
Branham, 65-1127E - I Have Heard But Now I See

Wait till you hear The Trail Of The Serpent.
Branham, 65-1128M - God's Only Provided Place Of Worship

I'm going to preach The Trail Of The Serpent, and listen to it if you take the tapes.
Branham, 65-1206 - Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy

If you ever bought one of my tapes, get this when I get it, when I get home, The Trail Of The Serpent; and you'll see where it's at, see where this ends up at.
Branham, 65-1207 - Leadership