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Brumback Holds The Key To The Ku Klux Klan

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Brumback Holds The Key To The Ku Klux Klan:

One of the strongest influences in William Branham's early life appears to be the "heroic" forces of the Ku Klux Klan as they made an organized effort to clean up the lawless bootleg, casino and gambling town of Jeffersonville, Indiana. As the Klan was becoming a strong political force in the State of Indiana through Grand Dragon D. C. Stevenson and his efforts to take control of the White House through Indianapolis, it began working to influence positive change in cities throughout the region.

This "cleanup" not only included the closing of illegal whiskey stills (which William Branham's father operated until the cleanup), but also harsh propaganda campaigns against the Catholic community and especially any elected officials who were Catholic.

This appears to have later influenced William Branham's political speeches in the form of "sermons" in evangelistic campaigns across the country. Not only was Branham firmly against Catholicism from a difference in theological views, Branham successfully convinced his followers that Catholicism was a demonic force from Satan himself, and that all who joined the Catholic church were doomed. This "doom" was later expanded to include any churches influenced by the Catholic Church.

Fortunately, these publications are being made available by the Indiana State Government, and are available!

Also of interest is more insight into William Branham's early experiences into the Ku Klux Klan. Most of you are aware of young William Branham and Amelia Hope Brumbac's very active membership in official Ku Klux Klan spokesman and leader Roy E. Davis' Pentecostal church in Jeffersonville. But what brought them together has not yet been made known (outside of the alleged stories given by William Branham in his very problematic accounts of his own life story.)

At the height of the Klan's growth in 1924 in Jeffersonville Indiana, where the Ku Klux Klan headquarters was located, the anti-Catholic white supremacy group was met with rising opposition. The headquarters was severely damaged in an alleged arson attempt, and the Klan's membership records, financial records, and other information stolen.

The local Jeffersonville newspaper was privileged to view the records, and began publishing articles naming well-known city members and officials who were actively serving in the terroristic organization. And in the first article of the very damning information, it was announced that Mr. Brumback held the keys to the men's Klavern.

Was William Branham's connection to Hope Brumback much deeper than young love and religion? ... and did their form of religion
serve a darker purpose?

But most interesting of all is the name "Brumback" The newspaper articles for Charles Brumback and his daughter Charlotte in her marriage to William's brother Melvin Branham are spelled with a "K" at the end. And this matches her spelling of her father's name on her marriage certificate to Melvin on our government documents page. In fact, we also find Brumback spelled with a "K" on Charles Brumback's court trial for violating liquor laws, and his court trial for divorcing Hope's mother Hazel. These records are all available on:

Why, then, does transcriptionists spell their last name with an "H" at the end? Were they trying to hide the connection between William Branham and Charles Brumback? ... or will they correct their transcripts for accuracy? :)

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The Indiana "Fiery Cross" Archives:

Roy E. Davis Timeline:

More on William Branham's connection to Imperial Grand Dragon Roy E. Davis, and Klan senator William D. Upshaw can be found in "Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis:

NOTE that some instances in the video used the spelling "Brumbach," while others used the newspaper's spelling "Brumback." It was not until after the video was published that we noticed Voice of God Recordings' (accidental?) error.