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William Branham Healing Scandal - Part 2

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William Branham Healing Scandal - Part 2:

Those of you asking for more information on William Branham's healing scandal in Canada can find it in the testimony of Alfred Pohl. Pohl's testimony matches others who were at the event, the Biblical "mouth of two or three witnesses"

"Time went on, the campaign ended, and Mr. Branham and his party were gone. Then we began to see the results being tested by time. It was a difficult time for us, and particularly for me. For one by one these that I had personally seen "healed" and declared so by the "healer," died. Our faith was severely tested. Relatives of the deceased ones would ask, "Why?" What could we tell them?"
- Alfred Pohl, Why I Left The Tongues Movement.

According to William Branham's response to these scandals in his early ministry, "the cures reported at the meetings were of the 'gradual' type."
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis Missouri), 1947, Sep 29.

Pohl's testimony: