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Message Cult Pastor Arrested for Hate Speech

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Message Cult Pastor Arrested for Hate Speech:

The verdict set intentionally by the judge of the First Instance Court of the Plateau, fell on Monday 6 June 2016.

The prophet Kacou Philip prosecuted for inciting acts of religious hatred and intolerance, was sentenced to one (1) year imprisonment. In addition to the 12 months spent in Remand Prison and Correction of Abidjan (Maca), the religious guide is forbidden to preach the gospel for five (5) years on the entire national territory.

It's baffled that his many faithful listened to the deliberations of the judge in charge of the trial. Friday, June 3 2016, Deputy Prosecutor Abel Yeo, had requested at the end of the trial, 10 years in prison and a 500,000 CFA francs fine against the defendant. In deliberation for Monday 6 June, the verdict was working against the servant of God. And, to the chagrin of his flock.

It is well to note that this is a religious leader who has assigned the prophet Kacou Philip court to have caricatured. The man of God, to answer the charges against him, was arrested on 13 May 2016, in his native village.