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Little David Walker And William Branham's First Ministry

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Little David Walker And William Branham's First Ministry:

I had a wonderful conversation with "Little" David Walker yesterday evening. It is always interesting to meet someone who knew William Branham before the group following turned into a political/religious cult.

Though we were programmed to believe that Branham's "healing ministry" started in 1947 "the very day Israel became a nation," when an "angel met him in a room in Vandalia, Illinois" as Branham claimed, David Walker first met the evangelist in 1945. This confirms the timeline when Roy E. Davis and William Upshaw were fleeing from the 1944 children's orphanage swindling scandal in San Bernardino, California, as mentioned in my latest book, "Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis."

According to "Little" David, he was one of several who travelled with Branham in the early years I refer to as the "first ministry." The Gehring Sisters, Franklin Hall, Dale Hanson, Jack and Renee Martz, and many others travelled with the evangelist William Branham during his "first ministry." In fact, according to David Walker, the Martz family were very helpful in spreading Branham's early fame by letting Branham use an auditorium they'd rented.

David Walker was also at the Vandalia, Illinois meetings, where Branham's "second ministry" was beginning to form. The ministry David describes and theology Branham supposedly presented was much different than what we have examined in the transcripts from 1947 to 1965. One would never think that this young minister would one day form a religious cult practicing mind control on a global scale. But then, one would never think that the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan was involved in his creation as the Third Wave of the Klan was forming.

David Walker toured with Branham all through the country. The 12-year-old Walker did the preaching in the meetings, and William Branham prayed for the sick after the sermons. According to Walker, a Florida minister named Elijah Abersold began warning people that he (Abersold) knew William Branham personally, and began warning people about the books Branham was reading about mysticism, psychology, and mass persuasion. And that Branham was actively practicing clairvoyance in the meetings using what he was learning. But to a young boy, who knew nothing about the cult following that would come later, Abersold's words did not seem that important.

The Walker-Branham campaigns were very successful at first, filling auditoriums in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Evansville, and throughout Ohio. They later met Gordon Lindsay at a tent meeting in Roy Davis' home town of Dallas, Texas. Lindsay started the Voice of Healing magazine using the mailing list from Branham's campaigns, and Voice of Healing began publishing advertisements for several of the ministers in the Post World War II Healing Revival.

I thoroughly enjoyed our lengthy conversation, and there's much more than can be contained in a single blog post. Little David Walker was never consumed with the worship of William Branham that so many thousands of people fell into, and genuinely had no idea that the group in Jeffersonville had turned into a world-wide religious cult. He had many of the details we were missing from Branham's "first ministry" before 1947, and those missing pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly into the Davis/Upshaw/Ku Klux Klan timeline. Huge gaps are now filled in the next book in our series, "The Preacher Behind The White Hoods: The Untold Story of William Marrion Branham"

Those of you who wish to learn more about "Little David" Walker can find more information on his website: