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How To Be A More Effective Message Believer

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How To Be A More Effective Message Believer:

Since our family left the "Message," the collective groups and splinter groups who strictly and loosely follow the teachings of William Marrion Branham, we have had many things to be thankful for. Though losing most of our friends and family through "shunning," we have gained several new friends and new replacements for family members who have abandoned us.

Ironically, some of my new friends are, in fact, "Message" believers. There are many, many really good people who are still attending churches or working in "headquarters" that both sincerely believe in the teachings and yet are sympathetic to fellow human beings. Though we differ in opinion greatly, my new "Message" friends are just as respectful of my opinion as I am of theirs. It is this type of friendship that grows and matures to long-lasting, healthy companionship. We disagree in many areas, but we can learn from each other's viewpoint.

One of my new "Message" friends recently contacted me, and our recent conversation is worth sharing.

As many of you are now aware, the Seek The Truth blog's research posts have been absent since early this year. Publishing the information on Roy E. Davis's and Congressman Upshaw's high-ranking membership in the second wave of the Ku Klux Klan, and their scheme to include William Branham in their shenanigans with helping start the third wave of the Ku Klux Klan has opened many new doors. Learning that the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan started a cult in Southern Indiana has certainly turned more than a few heads. Even for those in the "Message," who were unaware that other Congressmen witnessed the "crippled" William D. Upshaw physically RUNNING unassisted by crutches as early as 1936.

Soon after the research posts halted, our inbox filled and the phone started ringing off the hook. Some asked if I had had another assassination attempt, some if I had walked away, and more than a few still in the "Message" asking if the many "predictions" of my "failing health," "marital troubles," or "tragic death" had come to pass. I was very sorry to let them down, but no -- the many curses placed on our family were about as accurate as the "prophecies" that inspired us to leave the cult. We're doing just fine, and most of my spare time is now spent enjoying my children, working on upcoming projects with cult awareness groups having new interest in the Branham / Davis movement, and the second book in the Klan series.

This new "Message" friend in particular and I have had lengthy discussions about effectiveness in presenting the facts. When I first began the blog, I have to admit that it was greatly unpolished and needed a lot of feedback -- which quickly came. As my new friend pointed out, presenting facts, both good or bad, are helpful to learning truth. Facts represent the bigger picture, and the more we find, the clearer the picture becomes. While it sometimes can hurt to publish a fact that is not in favor of your opinion, it can do more damage to your cause by trying to brush them aside. Soon after our discussion, I began publishing everything -- even the many advertisements and positive statements printed in newspapers about the cult leader. And to my surprise, those facts helped researchers uncover even more eye-opening and jaw dropping facts we might have missed.

I also shared with him some insight into the differences between the mindset of a former cult member and the mindset while still in the cult. (And I also explained the qualifications for using the word "cult" as well as the difference between a "destructive cult" and a "healthy group following." We differ in opinion on the extent of the "destructive" mindset, but both could agree that there are proven cases of ministers in the "Message" that are doing a great deal of harm to their victims.) At this point, we are fairly open with each other and I don't think he'd mind my sharing our recent communication.

He had posted a link to one of the cult pastors' explanations on William Branham's claim to have been under a mysterious cloud formation though the facts present a much different scenario. The link, if anybody should want to see it, is:

Also, for those that are not aware of the many issues with Branham's claim, here is one of several pages presenting the facts that do not support his claim:

But there was just one problem: Like many who spam our Facebook page, my friend posted the link to the video with a provoking statement claiming that the video would offend some people. Like the SPAM bots that post on random pages, there was simply a teaser, having no substance to the post. Recognizing it as SPAM, and regardless of my friendship with the poster, I did as I do with any SPAM posts: deleted it.

Instead, I chose to post it here, which will make it to the blog page of our website, and the main thread for all to see. Why, you ask? My feedback for him was worth sharing! :)

When in the "Message" mindset, arguably a "programmed" mindset, we thought completely differently. Though not always intentional, we had little respect for others and absolutely no value in the opinion of those who disagreed with us. We were trained to be better than them, or at least trained to think we were. Once you learn the supremacy views of those who Branham associated with and who started the cult, it is very easy to understand why.

My new friend, however, is not like that. His posting of the cult pastor's opinion was not intentionally degrading. It was just as I would have done when in the cult. "Here's a video representing my opinion. It's right; you're wrong. And I don't have to tell you why -- the video says it all!" (Again, I realize this was not my friend's intention).

Shortly after we escaped from the cult, one of my new non-cult friends dropped a bombshell on me: I was filled with pride. I was so full of myself that I did not value the opinion of others. Even when I thought I did, my actions said otherwise.

This non-cult friend used the example of politics, which I will try to do here. Though I likely won't do justice to his perfect example for a different political arena, I can do my best with the (in my opinion) poor choices for Presidential candidates we are faced with today.

What if this new "Message" friend of mine were strongly in favor of Hillary Clinton? And though many facts that have been uncovered show a clear picture of Mrs. Clinton being untruthful in many ways, what if he found a minister presenting partial facts that made her look to be truthful? And once finding the video, were to post it -- exactly in the same manner -- into a page supporting Donald Trump?

If it were to somehow make it past the SPAM filters, what would be the effect? Without a plea to describe his viewpoint to claim that Hillary was actually truthful, would anyone watch the video? What about those that did watch it, and realized that the minister omitted several facts? Would they be persuaded to change to the viewpoint of my friend? Especially since we don't know exactly what he was trying to say by simply posting a link to the video with no commentary!

Those who did not recognize it as SPAM would likely feel that this was a person who was in favor of Hillary Clinton who didn't have any concern for opposing viewpoint. Just another person spreading partial facts that they already know, hoping to confuse any that did not know about Benghazi, the deleted emails, and more. And would likely feel that even if they commented their opinion to the video, they would be wasting their breath -- the poster didn't waste theirs!

Again, this was not the intent of my friend.

As I do with all of my "Message" friends, I strongly advise becoming a "More Effective Message Believer." Share the facts, open a real discussion. Believe it or not, in doing so, a "Message Believer" can actually help the cause of those spreading awareness of the mind control cult.

We have worked with several former cult pastors, those who were very "Effective Message Believers." They shared the facts, openly, and were receptive to learning facts that they did not yet know. Once becoming informed (the first step in leaving any mind control cult), they began to make their escape.

So for my new "Message" friend, my advise is the same. Be a "More Effective Message Believer," as we discussed before. We value your opinion, welcome your facts, and love to see them -- but you have to share them for us to see! It will have a positive effect for you, others will click into that video and hear your viewpoint in its entirety!

Being a "More Effective Message Believer" has a positive effect for us as well. Former cult members will share the facts that this cult pastor is omitting to practice Information Control, which is a fundamental element in determining whether or not a group following is leaning towards a destructive cult:

When other cult members realize the details surrounding the transvestite and prostitute William Branham left Arizona to "save," the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan Branham was trying to uplift, the UFO chaser who abandoned his "mystery cloud research" after publishing his second report and realizing the ring was the result of a missile detonation, and William Branham's own words describing his heading back to hunt -- in hunting season after the cloud -- they too will become "former mind control cult members!"

To be frank, if every single person in the cult following of William Branham were a More Effective Message Believer, there would not be a "Message." When any group of people value the opinions and information others contain, and openly share that information with others, they are led further into truth. And as any former cult follower will tell you, truth and the cult indoctrination cannot coexist.

You must choose one or the other.