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Roy Davis Page Updated:

Less than a month after Branham preached in Shreveport, newspapers announced that for several months Roy E. Davis, Branham's mentor and teacher, had been meeting in hidden places with out-of-state attendance.

After this membership drive, Branham's teachings began to publicly align with Davis and the Klan:

"I said, "It's not for me to say. The boss, government, said, 'Let it be what it is, permit them to marry, and so forth.'" I said, "That's—that's up to them. As an American, I abide by the laws." To me, you ought to leave it the way God had it. He made white men, black men, brown men. He's a God of variety. Let them stay the way God made them. That's what I think. If I was a black man, I'd—I'd want—I'd want to stay in my class of people. If I was a Chinese, yellow, I'd want to stay that way. Being that I'm Anglo-Saxon, white, let me marry amongst the white, teach my children the same, and just stay the kind of a flower and the color that God made us at the beginning. After all, He's the One that made it."
Branham, 62-0719B - Life

Note Davis outrage against blacks:

"Negrows were 'turning the white man's government into a mongrel government' and the Klan 'is not going to let them do it regardless of what this statement may imply. We are for peace and harmony, but not at the expense of principle and justice."
- Arkansas Gazette, Feb 11, 1961