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The 1945 Gift or the 1948 Gift

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The 1945 Gift or the 1948 Gift:

Research page updated. Updates include newspaper article outlining the following:

* Claim of receiving gift of healing in 1945. (Branham later claimed 1948, the "very day Israel became a nation".)

* Gift from bearded man. (Branham later claimed he received the gift from an angel).

* First campaign manager W. E. Kidson

* MASSIVE amounts of offering collected. (Branham claimed he never took up an offering)

"So far the people in Houston, Tex., had ben kindest in showing their appreciation. But Brother Kidson had no doubt that the people of Vandalia could outdo them. (A man at the hotel later told us that it had taken two husky men to carry in the boxes of offerings from the kind people of Vandalia the night before.)
- St. Louis Post Dispatch Sun, July 6, 1947