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William Branham - Sex, Nudity, And the Seattle Worlds Fair

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William Branham - Sex, Nudity, And the Seattle Worlds Fair:

William Branham spoke very highly of the Seattle World's Fair. Often referring back to the scientific achievements of the world powers, his chance to see actor Yul Brennar, and best of all the General Motors driverless car for which he claimed prophecy, Branham gave the event "two thumbs up." He even appears to have planned his campaign meetings in neighboring cities during the event.

What he does not mention is the fact that the Fair itself was at the center of a huge controversy. In newspapers from Arizona to Maryland, articles described the vulgar display of nudity that would be presented at the Seattle World's Fair. Long before he attended, one can assume that it was the center of focus for talk radio and television based on the numerous cities that printed articles warning citizens of what to expect. Did William Branham know what to expect?

William Branham had no reservations to condemn women in even the most conservative pair of slacks. Why did he not condemn the nude women at the World's Fair he attended? According to newspapers, the "girlie shows" were a main attraction. And according to the reports during and after the event, they were a very popular attraction. When asked about the level of nudity presented, one fair official told reporters that "people no longer are shocked by sex." Was William Branham shocked? Did he enjoy the Seattle World's Fair, where nudity was a main attraction?

We cannot speak to his own personal opinion of the flesh displayed. All we can do is refer to his recorded statements. "Say what the tapes say." He appears to have referred back to the event very positively throughout the remainder of his life:

O Father, when passing through the World's Fair a few days ago, looking at the achievement that man has done, and how he's progressed, how the people had gathered from around the world to see what the world was doing, finding their best that they have did... Germany, England, Switzerland, the world around was displaying what they had been able to improve upon.
- Branham, 62-0725 A.GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON

Now, I went to the World's Fair when we was right up close to it there in Spokane, and I thought I'd take the family. Because I was only at one World Fair in the United States, and that's when it was in Chicago, years ago, Hope and I went up. And we didn't get to stay there but about one day, the pickpockets, and everything. She had a pin that my cousin give her, and I walking right along beside of her, somebody got the pin off. Just... it was just terrific.
- Branham, 62-0909M Countdown

But the World's Fair, I taken the family and went over. It was no more than the Louisville Fair right over here. You seen the Space Needle they talked about, it was nothing else but go over here at the Elsley Build-... or the Brown Building or somewhere, and go up about eight or ten flights on an elevator and come back down. That was it. And I think that General Electric was the one who had that there. But there was one thing that was outstanding. Now, Germany had their display, Russia and all the other nations had it, because it's a World's Fair. The German, France, and those little displays was not much bigger a room than this pulpit would be right here.
- Branham, 62-0909M COUNTDOWN

The achievement's been proved by science. They showed it out yonder at the World's Fair. We got it. Amen.
- Branham, 62-0909M

I was at the World's Fair this year, and I guess many of you were. And I enjoyed one thing, that was the Medical Room. And when they were there, proving what smoking does, they had this Yul Brynner, and--and you were there, noticed it.

Now, at the World's Fair they've already got the car on the market. Here is the... It's sold now; some big company has taken many of them. And this car, here it is. Paul Boyd remembered the prophecy, looked into his book what I'd said, and took the picture in there. And there it is, exactly in the form of an egg, with two seats setting that way, and two setting this way, and a table setting in the middle to play the cards and things on, just exactly.

I heard that lecture at the World's Fair up in Washington last year (when I was out there at the World's Fair), and them doctors from all over the world there explained it; said that you cannot have smoke without tar,
Branham, 64-0830E

If you had been with me last year, or year before last, I believe it was, at the World's Fair, when Yul Brynner and all of them was up there on demonstrations, and you see them take that cigarette, put it in something, and pull it across a piece of marble.
- Branham, 65-0822E

I believe it was two years ago, when I was in one of the conventions, I went up to the world's fair when it was on the West Coast.
- Branham, 65-0911

Why does the cult forbid followers from entertainment far less vulgar than the "prophet" himself enjoyed?