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Message Cult Mind Control - Greatest Threat To The Message

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Message Cult Mind Control - Greatest Threat To The Message:

Recently, both members and ex-members of the "Message," the mind control cult following of William Branham, have noticed that there is a sudden change in operation at cult headquarters: Marketing, outreach, and public relations. In the history of the cult these three strategies have been unheard of. Even before the group was a destructive cult and William Branham used campaign managers to advertise and promote his ministry, there was never a public relations committee or marketing strategy. And public relations was simply a word-of-mouth operation with "witnesses" who were often very close friends.

And though these changes are shocking to ex-cult members, they are even more shocking to current members. To fully believe the fundamental teachings of William Branham, one must also believe that only "one in a million" will be saved, and that the "secret mysteries" were hidden from the vast majority of the world. One must believe in a God who chose to offer salvation in a game of hide-and-seek where the seekers must continue to hide after finding. Why are they advertising the mysteries? Why are they trying to improve public view if the "chosen ones" will soon walk out upon the ashes of that same public?

When the cult first became aware of the websites, videos, and public speakers exposing the fundamental problems with William Branham's "Message," many members wondered why the pastors and cult headquarters did not offer any valid answers to the questions. The first response given from avoided the issues altogether by falsely claiming one of the websites was the result of a disagreement between a grandfather and grandson. The second, in the form of a newsletter, gave partial answers by claiming that the Bible had problems so we should believe William Branham "Because He Said So." After this resulted in an even larger exodus, our website started receiving questions from cult members -- even pastors -- asking if Voice of God Recordings had given any answers to us in private. After learning that no attempt had been made to answer questions, many of those same people are now former members. We still receive similar questions today.

But it is not the fundamental problems with the Message that has sparked the sudden need for marketing campaigns and public relations. The fundamental problems have always been there. In the words of the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, "People have known these things for years, what does it hurt you to believe them anyway?" While under mind control, the questions do not matter. There was a point in time where the cult not only controlled the information given to the followers, but also the answers given to questions about that information. Their greatest threat is anyone who finds answers to the issues. Now, suddenly, cult members are given access to information that the cult did not control. The greatest threat to the cult is a former member who is willing to speak against the cult, no matter the consequences.

People who do actually leave cults are extremely courageous— and they can have a very important role. They can provide inspiration to those who are under mind control, especially if the former members are happy, accomplished and open about their cult involvement. These heroic people, by speaking out about their experience, are a potent and dangerous force to cult leaders and mind controllers everywhere. When former members hide their cult involvement— whether through shame, doubt, guilt, fear or anger— they are missing a valuable opportunity: to free themselves and, by their example, to help free others.
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

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