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Message Cult Mind Control - Chronological Therapy

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Message Cult Mind Control - Chronological Therapy:

When people leave the "Message," the mind control cult following of William Branham, they often go through a period of uncertainty that is very painful. Having recognized a few fundamental flaws with the religion they left behind, and not yet having deprogrammed from the deeply implanted fear, they find themselves looking over their shoulders. Walking away is hard.

What they do not realize is the gradual shift of mind control that led to the creation of those fears. Cult leaders do not suddenly make a conscious decision to lift himself between God and man, and would be powerless to do so. Cult leaders are lifted into power by the people that feed upon their personality disorders, and those same people do not realize what they are doing as it happens. When a person leaves a mind control cult, they are leave the results of that process, unaware of all of the many changes that led to those results.

Many times when people contact me for support after having left the "Message," I explain to them that they need what I call "Chronological Therapy." Most of their deepest fears are associated with doctrines that did not originally exist. Most of them came from the very latter part of William Branham's ministry, and some came long after his death. Since the people in a mind control cult are responsible for uplifting a man into power, they must also hold him in power long after his death. I often ask people who first leave the cult, "Do you believe that William Branham had a 'Message?' If so, what was that 'Message'?"

Those under the undue influence of mind control mistakenly believe that the leader was solely responsible for the creation of the cult, and that he did so with a specific agenda that will never change. Having been programmed with phrases such as "The messenger is one with his message" or "God never changes, neither does His message," they believe that the same doctrinal stance found at the end of Branham's ministry will be found at the beginning. Many are shocked when they learn that this is not the case.

Examining the historical context of their beliefs in a chronological method is very therapeutic for an ex-cult member. I recommend to start with the areas that cause the most fear for the specific individual. If it is a prophecy of doom, examine all of the prophecies chronologically to watch how much they change over time. If it is a specific doomsday, examine how many "doomsdays" William Branham suggested or promoted. If it is a general fear of torture or death over a doctrine, study that doctrine's formation over time. When an ex-cult member can see how much the "Message" changed over time, there is less fear on where that same "Message" ended up.

"When I was in the Moonies, no one knew about Moon's failed prophecies that the old world would end and the Moon movement would take over, first in 1960 and then in 1967. Moon predicted that World War III would occur in 1977. When that didn't happen, all eyes were on 1981. People recruited around 1977 have told me how clearly they remember the magical, whispered excitement of the word "1981" on their lecturers' lips. When 1981 produced nothing more dramatic for the Unification Church than President Ronald Reagan's inauguration (which Sun Myung Moon himself attended), talk had already turned to dates farther ahead."
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

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