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Message Cult Mind Control - Reversing Fear and Guilt

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Message Cult Mind Control - Reversing Fear and Guilt:

Recently, North Korean president Kim Jong Un exercised his military strength by testing a hydrogen bomb and announcing to the world that they were now a nuclear power to be reckoned with. Amidst the tension between North and South Korea, this both made a powerful statement to the world by using fear of nuclear war while sending a message to South Korea that they could be next.

While under the undue influence of mind control in the "Message," the mind cult following of William Branham, this type of event brought the same level of panic that would be raised if the cult's only commune was located in the heart of South Korea. Following a central figure who used fear manipulation during the red scare, the bomb scare, and many other times of unrest, the cult is programmed to remain in a state of unrest for the rest of their days on earth. An interesting study to those researching is to compare the timeline of current events to the timeline William Branham's recorded sermons, and watch how many of those global fears made their way into his "context of scripture." Prophetic insight was claimed on each scare while it lasted, and then abandoned as if it never happened. We pointed out in one research article how many times William Branham instructed his followers to "watch Russia," and later ridiculed any minister who said such.

Cult members inside a mind control cult are manipulated through fear and guilt. It would be highly ineffective for one single man to control a large magnitude of people physically; it would require the military strength of thousands of armed men. Instead, cult leaders control the people mentally, placing the same level of fear into the subconscious mind. After this fear has been implanted, the cult leader uses guilt as the "enforcers" to the fear's "punishment."

Cult members come to live within a narrow corridor of fear, guilt and shame. Problems are always their fault— the result of their weak faith, their lack of understanding, their "bad ancestors," evil spirits, and so forth. They perpetually feel guilty for not meeting standards. The leader, doctrine and group are always right. They are wrong. They also come to believe that evil is out to get them. Phobias are the ultimate fear weapon of mind control. Shame and guilt are used daily through a variety of methods, including holding up some member for an outstanding accomplishment or by finding problems in the group and blaming members for causing them. In every destructive cult I have encountered, fear is a major motivator. Each group has its devil lurking around the corner, waiting for members so it can tempt and seduce them, to kill them or drive them insane. The more vivid and tangible the devil, the more intense the cohesiveness it fosters.
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

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