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William Branham - The Evidence of the Holy Ghost

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William Branham - The Evidence of the Holy Ghost:

Those in the "Message" cult following of William Branham pride themselves in being different from other Pentecostals in that they have the "true" evidence of the Holy Spirit. But when asked what this "evidence" is, you will find a different answer, depending upon which cult church you attend.

Many that have escaped from this mind control cult describe their confusion on this doctrine as being one of their strongest areas of fear. As children, they desperately searched themselves to determine if they had "achieved" this evidence. Those in families who migrated from one cult church to another often found themselves confused. Those who were in "tape churches," those who continually listened to William Branham's recorded sermons in their services, were the most confused. Had they got it yet? Were they saved? Or were they lost? Had they had an experience that gave them "evidence?"

In some sermons, William Branham taught that the Fruits of the Spirit according to Galatians 5 were the "Evidence of the Holy Ghost."

Martin Luther, once after speaking in tongues, he was asked why he didn't preach it, he said, "If I preached that, my people will go after the gift instead of the Giver." That's right. Moody, one time, speaking, and begin, when he was preaching so under inspiration, he spoke in tongues. He said, "God, forgive me for muttering foolish words." Certainly. See? And they had those things. We believe those things, but they must be put in their place. And they must not be set as evidences. There's not one thing left in the Bible, as "evidence of the Holy Ghost," only the fruits of the Spirit. Find out any place that Jesus said so. Yes, sir. The evidence of the Holy Ghost is the fruit of your Spirit. Jesus said so, "By their fruit you shall know them." "And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, peace, gentleness, meekness.
- Branham, 57-0908E

Those who hear this sermon and no other sermons by William Branham might mistakenly assume that this was Branham's "Message" -- which might even seem like a good one. Jesus Himself taught that all commandments were fulfilled in love.

But later in his ministry, William Branham began teaching that Jesus Christ himself did not even practice the fruits of the Spirit. According to Branham, the pharisees had a better grasp of the Fruits of the Spirit -- which according to his early teaching would imply that they had the "evidence of the Holy Ghost."

"So see, those priest were gentle, meek, understanding men. When it come to the fruits of the Spirit, they could show more fruits of the Spirit than Jesus ever could."
- Branham, 64-0823E

In reality, the end of William Branham's ministry was a significant change from the beginning. While appealing to other Christian groups in his Divine Healing campaigns, Branham's doctrinal stance matched much more closely to the Pentecostal faith of its day. But once he began to lose popularity, and many groups began to prevent him from teaching his strange doctrines to their congregations, William Branham began to teach a very different type of "evidence." According to William Branham, to each what he originally taught was no better than other cult groups of his day:

Now, that's no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can't rely upon that. You can't rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There's only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour.
- Branham, 64-0823E

Continuing this teaching to it's mind-control-cult-conclusion, Branham trained his followers to believe that "prophets" (those with the gift of prophecy) were one and the same with the Word (the Logos, Jesus Christ). And the latter part of his ministry was promoting the idea that any who believed him to be the "prophet for the day" had the "evidence of the Holy Ghost":

Being meek and gentle had nothing to do with it. What made Him different? He was the Word made flesh, not the Word for the day of Moses; Moses was that day--Word; not the Word for the days of Noah, Noah was the Word for that day; not the day--the Word for the day of Elijah, Elijah was that Word for that day; but He was the present tense Word, and they were living in the back. The same thing repeats. That's the evidence of the Holy Ghost, when God reveals to you and you see it, THUS SAITH THE LORD and accept it.

Why did William Branham change his doctrinal stance? Is this why no two cult churches can agree on the "evidence?"

When one examines the level of control this mind control cult has on its following, one has to ask the question, "Did William Branham purposefully promote himself as God, and do the people even realize that he did it?"