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Message Cult Mind Control - Understanding The Cult Identity

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Message Cult Mind Control - Understanding The Cult Identity:

In our last few posts, we described the three-stage process of unfreezing, changing, and then refreezing a personality in order to gain control of their mind. During this process, a person unknowingly is "remolded" into a new identity, a cult identity, which suppresses the authentic self. It is critical to understand both this process and the cult identity during the process of regaining control.

After having been programmed with a new identity, the new convert is under significant internal conflict. Dueling personalities are playing tug-of-war to control the mind. The authentic self is desperately struggling to remain in full control, while the cult identity is battling to forfeit control to the cult mindset. This is most obvious in recent converts whose authentic self still remains partially in control.

Members of a mind control cult are at war with themselves. Therefore, when dealing with a cult member, it is extremely important to always keep in mind that they have two identities. This applies even to people born into destructive cults— they too have an authentic, private self and a cult self. Identifying these dual identities is often confusing for relatives and friends of cult members. This is especially true in the early weeks or months of the person's cult involvement, when their new identity is most obvious. One moment the person is speaking cultic jargon with a hostile or elitist know-it-all attitude. Then, without warning, they seem to become their old self, with their old attitudes and mannerisms. Just as suddenly, they flip back to the cult identity. (This behavior is very obvious to anyone who works with cult members.)
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

As it relates to the "Message" mind control cult following of William Branham, it is critical to understand that most cult members have lived an entire lifetime allowing the cult identity to fully control the authentic self. The "Message" cult has very little outreach, and mostly recruits from within. Children, born and raised under the mind control of the "Message" were created with upbringings that fed the cult identities. As a result, their authentic self was molded from the very beginning to match the cult identity.

Though powerless, the authentic self is hidden below layers and layers of cult foundation. It lies dormant for years, wanting to be free, but cannot push through the fully-established cult identity. In these cases, the dual personality is most obvious during the teenage years when the authentic self is being fed through education. The authentic self longs to think, reason, understand, and is actually fed through learning and critical thinking. Sitting in classrooms from kindergarten through high school, away from the cult mindset, these children may sometimes start to appear unbalanced and in torment as the authentic self is being fed. Literally at war with themselves, the education is in-effect working to deprogram them. Many cult members who continue into college are eventually set free, having been empowered to critically think about the cult.

For this reason, many in the mind control cult following of William Branham have chosen home schooling. While the authentic self is still being fed, home schooling allows the identity to be fed while remaining in a controlled environment. Many cult homeschool programs include "classes" teaching about William Branham, which provide a balanced feeding of both the cult identity and the authentic self.

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