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Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 2

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Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 2:

Before one can free their mind from the long-lasting effects of mind control, one must first understand how they lost control to begin with. According to many who study the process, it appears to be quite simple from the surface. We are studying the three step model (unfreezing, changing, and refreezing) for gaining control of the mind as it relates to William Branham's mind control cult called the "Message," and this is the second part of the study: changing.

Changing, as it relates to mind control techniques, is the process of implanting a new identity into the victim. This new identity consists of a new set of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. After the mind has been unfrozen through a variety of techniques, the mind will try to gain control by filling the void that has just been created. The mind control cult must not allow the victim to reconnect with the former identity -- otherwise control could never be established.

The most powerful and commonly used technique is repetition. The material being indoctrinated into the victim must be repeated over and over and over. The repetition must become rhythmic, monotonous, even lulling into mild hypnotic patterns. But at the same time, those who deliver the message must hold interest if one were to enter a room with constant repetition of the same subject matter without a complex and interesting pattern of speech, the victim would lose focus and simply walk away.

During this phase, new recruits are exposed to very specific central themes. Religious mind control cults focus on three main points:

* How bad the world is
* Only the enlightened have the answer
* Enlightenment only comes through the leader

Through a series of speeches designed to implant these three points, victims are programmed to ignore the rational mind and look for the fantastic. Anything that defies the rational mind must be accepted "by faith," and anything opposing the foundation to these points must be rejected without logical conclusion.

While this process seems overly simplistic, it is not as easy as it sounds. To fully establish a mind control cult, one must add to these three main points the element of group psychology. Any who outwardly agree to the fundamental elements of the group must be fully accepted into the group, while any who question must be rejected and sometimes even excommunicated. But new converts still in control of most of their mental faculties would easily recognize the "us versus them" structure of the group and walk away. So they must be gradually introduced into this mindset. And they must be introduced in a way that does not rely on a normal, healthy examination of the cult. Instead, they must rely on making a decision solely based upon the mindset presented by the cult.

"A common technique among religious cults is to instruct people to ask God what He wants them to do. Members are exhorted to study and pray in order to know God's will for them. It is always implied that joining the group is God's will and leaving the group is betraying God. Of course, if a person tells the cult leader, 'I prayed, and God told me to leave,' this will not be accepted."
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

After this process, a new identity is created: the cult identity. The cult has effectively created a mild form of Dissociative Identity Disorder which will eventually be strengthened to become more severe. If the cult identity is correctly implanted, and if the cult identity is continually fed, it will eventually overpower and suppress the authentic self.

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