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William Branham Cult Pastor Stands For Truth

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William Branham Cult Pastor Stands For Truth:

Forty years. The pastor asks his congregation, what is forty years? For forty years, this pastor stood for the "Message," the cult following of William Marrion Branham. And after a long examination of the facts presented, he has decided that he can no longer lead his followers in the same error.

According to the pastor, this was not an easy decision. It was not one or two nights. Painfully studying the overwhelming number of facts stacked up against William Branham's self-proclaimed title of prophet, it led him through over a year of agony. He even suffered high blood pressure as he started deprogramming from the cult's indoctrination. Over time, and as the evidence was examined, pastor and evangelist Charles MacDonald made his decision.

At the beginning of his testimony given January 3, 2016, Pastor MacDonald walks his congregation through the Bible scriptures instructing us to test all things, holding fast to what is good. And reminds them of the scriptures instructing Christians to follow Truth, and that truth will set us free. As the congregation silently watched, MacDonald described his journey out of the cult and into Truth.

This Truth, according to the pastor, cannot be received through blind faith. It must be examined. It must be tried, tested, and found worthy of belief. Like a gold ring, he says, the buyer must test the gold to see if it is pure. And the seller need not fear of the testing if the ring is pure gold -- every test applied to the ring will vindicate the claims by the seller. But the "Message," according to this pastor, could not withstand the test.

He reminds his congregation that we live in a very different age. At the stroke of a finger, one can easily search the wealth of information available. And even that information must be tested. Test all things, hold fast to what is good. When one searches William Branham's claims, one must apply the scriptural test for a prophet. And according to scripture, if one single aspect of any prophecy is not true, then it is a lie. And if there is one single lie, then there is no true prophet.

"A year tremendously bad, how I had believed something that had not been tried. Oh, you say but it is easy. But remember, my first responsibility is my family. The second responsibility that I have is the congregation. And I cannot preach something that is not assured. My conscience will not allow it. Not all is a lie. But where there is one lie, then it no longer is a true prophet."
- Pastor Charles MacDonald

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