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Cult Pastor Set Free, Agapao Tablet Introduced

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Cult Pastor Set Free, Agapao Tablet Introduced:

Did Voice of God Recordings introduce the Agapao tablet as a response to missionaries and pastors discovering critical flaws with the "Message?"

In his testimony, pastor Charles MacDonald described how easy it was to uncover many flaws with the "Message," the mind control cult following of William Marrion Branham. It was as simple as performing a keyword search on the internet using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. With the sudden explosion of websites providing research information centering around William Branham's cult, the internet search indexes are starting to push the exposure to the top of many search results.

Interestingly, while Charles MacDonald was making his decision to lead his congregation towards the Truth and stop spreading the "Message" overseas, Voice of God Recordings was busy building a "new" device that would "revolutionize" the missionary field. The "Agapao" tablet, whose internet search functionality appears to have been disabled. Is their new device a response to pastor Charles MacDonald? Will it prevent cult followers from discovering the truth?

In our opinion, no. Voice of God Recordings has included the "Table" software in its device. A searchable database of transcripts from William Branham's sermons. This search index in of itself was what many ex-cult members claim to have been the primary research towards leading them out of the undue influence of mind control in Branham's cult following.

Does that mean that the Agapao tablet is a good thing? Does that mean that it actually will "revolutionize" the missionary field? Will cult missionaries discover the fatal flaws with the "Message?"