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Message Cult Doctrine - Be Kind To The Bride

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Message Cult Doctrine - Be Kind To The Bride:

I never will forget how different it was in the "Message" church located in Jeffersonville, Indiana than other parts of the nation. Having lived in many States from Arizona to South Carolina, and having been part of many "Message" cult churches, the doctrines are as different as the East is from West. For a migratory family like mine, it was very confusing to learn one set of cult doctrines -- only to be transplanted to another part of the country where different beliefs were followed.

In Jeffersonville, there was one doctrine that many in the cult following of William Branham is not aware exists. The "be kind to the bride" doctrine. It's difficult to determine the origins of this doctrine, though it appears to be promoted by the Branham family and many of the cult ministers who are or were old enough to be with William Branham. Because of this, it is my opinion that the doctrine originated with William Branham. Salvation through "being kind to the bride."

This is a strange doctrine, especially to those that are familiar with the passages of Scripture describing God's plan for salvation. Even for cult followers who believe that one must combine God's plan of salvation according to the Bible with Branham's plan of salvation according to the tapes, this is a strange doctrine. What if the person does not believe in William Branham? What if the person does not believe in God?

In some cult churches in Jeffersonville and in Tucson, Arizona, the idea is promoted that one does not need to believe in William Branham or God to inherit eternal life. My personal opinion is that this doctrine was created specifically for William Branham's own family -- who never believed William Branham was a "prophet" of any sort. Or maybe it was for all of the many men that worked with William Branham in his campaigns, men who were never members of the cult following and never lived the cult lifestyle. Possibly, it was created for the sons of "Hattie Wright," who do not appear to have ever believed the "Message" and possibly did not believe in God at all. Who knows why the extra-biblical doctrine was created?

Nevertheless, there are those who promote this idea. And there are cult ministers who use it to their advantage when speaking funerals for souls who died not having believed the "Message." In a funeral service for Richard Turner, cult pastor Pearry Green promoted the idea that Mr. Turner might get his eternal reward for "being good to the bride."

And Richard had shared with him, and I want this church to know this, that it's not the knowledge of brother Branham that saves you, but his knowledge and faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. And if being good to the bride is going to get your reward there, Mr. Turner is going to have his.
- Pearry Green

Is this scriptural? Does not one have to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved according to the Christian Bible? Does not one's eternal reward come from Christ?

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Branham Christ.
-Colossians 3:23-24