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William Branham - Because He Said So

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William Branham - Because He Said So:

On our website, we often referred to Voice of God Recordings' publication "Because He Said So" as one of the fundamental milestones in the exodus of many from the "Message" mind control cult of William Branham. When the publication was removed from, many asked us if Voice of God Recordings had removed it as an attempt to keep people in the cult. To which we responded, "how can they? The searchable transcriptions of the sermons are enough to hasten an exodus.

Still, once it was no longer available, we continued to receive feedback asking us to publish a full examination of the article. Multiple ex-members had copies, and were happy to give us one.

Well, it appears that the publication has went back online. To start the new year out right, we felt it best to help Voice of God advertise the publication. Interestingly, while all publications have titles that describe the content of the publication, this one has been given a very vague name. To the person looking for "Because He Said So," "Answers to the Questions" or anything similar to the the subject matter it contains, they will not find the publication.

Instead, you will need to look for: "2012-02 Newspaper Update."