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The 1982 Resurrection of William Branham

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The 1982 Resurrection of William Branham:

Those who live outside of Jeffersonville in the "Message," the cult following of William Branham, are mostly unfamiliar with the Easter tradition that started in 1965 when William Branham's body was held from the grave. William Branham was killed in an automobile accident in December of 1965, but his body was not buried until Easter of 1966. The family claims that this was due to Branham's wife, Meda, being unable to attend the service. But is this really the case? Did she miraculously get better on Easter morning -- not a day before and not a day after?

As the body was held in a closed casket at Coots funeral home, followers began openly speaking about their belief in Branham's resurrection on Easter Sunday. Peary Green, the pastor of the Tucson Tabernacle, openly discussed his belief in Branham's resurrection. But the pastor and Branham brothers from Jeffersonville were much more cautious than Green. Claiming that the large meetings were nothing more than an Easter celebration, news reporters were forced to go directly to the followers gathering in Jeffersonville for their statements.

"I've been coming five years, and I know he will come back. I'll keep coming here [each Easter]" said on eager follower.

"He raised people back to life, and I want to be here to witness when the Lord raises him back," said another. "Lots of people feel that way."

At the time of the paper's printing, the cult pastors and the Branham brothers had sixteen years to correct this error. Were they truly against it? Or were they enjoying the financial benefits of having a massive gathering each Easter for those who waited for Branham's resurrection?

In 1982, there was plenty going on between the Branham's and the Branham Tabernacle. In 1982, the estate of Meda Branham was settled among the children, and Ewing Lane property currently used by Joseph Branham as a "parsonage" transferred ownership. In 1982, Joseph, Billy Paul Branham , and Roy Roberson filed a document with the courthouse to list themselves as the "trustees" of the Branham Tabernacle. In 1982, the Tabernacle grounds began expanding, which would eventually lead to the pastor and entire staff of deacons accusing the Branham family of stealing property.

Why were cult followers gathering in honor of William Branham's resurrection instead of Jesus Christ's resurrection in Easter of 1982? Why did the pastor and Branham brothers not correct their error? Is this tradition financially motivated?

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