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Christmas Comes Early - New STT Mobile Site Live

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Christmas Comes Early - New STT Mobile Site Live:

Many children in the mind control cult following of William Branham did not enjoy Christmas presents like other Christian children in normal (not cult) Christian churches. Many of those same children, now having broken free from the undue influence of Branham's mind control cult, are excited and looking forward to their first Christmas celebration. We decided to kick-start this party by offering you your first Christmas gift for this year!

We'd planned on a special gift for all of the ex-cult members from around the world that frequent our website, and we thought we'd release it on Christmas day. A new site upgrade. Initially, we'd planned on having it ready before the New Year, however the project went a bit ahead of schedule. Some of you are traveling for the holiday, and this is the kind of Christmas gift best suited for sitting in the car while your spouse is driving. :)

Many of you have asked us for a mobile version of the website for well over two years. When family or friends approach you with questions they themselves have discovered with "The Message", you need a portable tool to use for opening a discussion and finding the research material. We apologize for not having it sooner. There are well over a thousand pages on the new website, and we don't have the money or resources to take on a project this size very quickly. Each of the 1000+ pages have been updated over the course of this year, and the final piece of code was changed last weekend.

And to spice it up and make things better, we have added several new pages! There are new government documents, new pages under our "Resources" section, and new research articles on our "Research" page. You'll find that the new website is not only portable, but is literally PACKED with information about William Branham, his "Message," his "life story," and what history actually tells us about each of these with factual evidence and scriptural comparison.

So our Christmas gift to you: The site is now formatted to work with your mobile devices, packed with new information, and is now even easier to gain access to the research!

Merry Christmas!

John Collins, Author and Webmaster,
Seek The Truth, Inc - a nonprofit (and especially non-prophet) organization