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Henry Branham - Bantamweight Champion

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Henry Branham - Bantamweight Champion:

Throughout his sermons, William Branham boasted of being a champion boxer. According to Branham, he made his way through the tournaments up to a three-state championship in the Bantamweight class, and won that championship. But is William Branham the sibling who was the championship boxer?

And we're waiting with great anticipations of getting overseas and back to the people... Can you hear me all right up in the balconies? Is it coming in? All right. And I was thinking, the remark that I made the last time I was here. I said, "This is a--a ring where the people wrestle and--and fight." I remember; I used to have that kind of sport myself. I was... used to box. I won the Bantamweight Championship of the three states, and wasn't defeated. I just give it up to preach the Gospel.
- Branham, 54-0304

Though Voice of God Recordings has made the claim that newspaper archives were destroyed in the flood, we find that the archives are extremely easy for anyone to access. And for the area filled with liquor distilleries, gambling casinos, racetracks, and more, boxing was a favorite local pastime. Not only was it very popular, it was highly publicized.

When one searches the newspapers for "Branham" and "bantamweight," it is very easy to find the records for the championship boxer. But it isn't William that we find, it is his brother, Henry. In 1940, Henry Branham was a common name in the Louisville newspaper, The Courier Journal.

But why does William Branham never mention his brother's rise to fame in the Bantamweight championship? Why does William claim this achievement for himself? Was William Branham jealous of his brother?

And why is Voice of God Recordings telling the people that these archives were "destroyed" in the 1937 flood? We had no problem at all finding these records. In fact any of you can also find them online at Are they being honest with us?

Write them and ask! Ask if they have searched these records, and if so, why they have not published corrections to William Branham's statements!