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Jezebel Message Churches:

Using loaded language, "Message" mind control cult members often refer to churches outside the cult as a "Jezebel Church." Insiders are programmed to believe that their church is the elite group of Christians while outsiders are members of a "Jezebel Religion."

To a normal Christian not programmed with the cult's loaded language, this statement would be taken quite differently from the way it was intended. While the "Message" cult follower is referring to any church who does not integrate William Branham and his mythology into their belief system, the normal (not programmed Christian) would understand this to be any person who followed any such mythology.

In the ancient world, many mythologies were integrated into the belief system of the nations -- many of which originated with the worship of a man. Eusebius, called the "Father of Church History," claimed that the Zeus cult originated from a man who taught primitives to fish from a boat. Like William Branham, he became immortalized and worshipped as a "god." In the Zeus cult, a sacrificial system was established to pour human blood upon his altar to appease his wrathful nature.

According to the Bible, Jezebel was responsible for bringing similar mythologies into Jewish worship. Her father was Ethbaal of Tyre, king of the Phoenicians, and influence from her father brought idolatry into the nation of Israel. Phoenician worship included many gods and goddesses that are believed to have been renamed and re-established in both Greek and Roman cults. Melquart, for instance, is the Phoenician counterpart to Hercules. Baal was the counterpart for Zeus. And Baal did not originate in Tyre -- his repeated resurrection in pagan mythology came under many names:

Baal, El, Ruler of the Universe, Son of Dagan, Rider of the Clouds, Almighty, Lord of the Earth

The Ugarit tablets make him chief of the Canaanite pantheon, just as Zeus was the chief of the Greek pantheon. He was believed to be the source of life and fertility, the mightiest hero - the lord of war. There were many temples of Baal in Canaan, and the name Baal was often added to that of a locality, e.g., Baal-peor, Baal-hazor, Baal-hermon. The Baal cult penetrated Israel and at times led to a syncretism. One such penetration was through Jezebel.

Knowing this history, a normal (not programmed) Christian approached by anyone who claims they follow a "Jezebel religion" would suddenly ponder whether or not the accuser was a follower of Christ and understood the Christian religion. They would never guess that the person offering insults was actually accusing them of not following William Branham's many rules. Not knowing Branham's extra-biblical teachings on Jezebel, they would never guess that the person was simply saying, "you are one of those people who follow the Bible instead of William Branham."

But this raises a solid question: Are not Branham cult churches, by nature, Jezebel Religion?

When you examine all of the many extra-biblical rules that William Branham tried to impose on his following, you quickly realize that not a single person in his cult following abides by them all. Why? Not a single church in the Branham cult promotes them all. Over time, the importance of these rules has began to fade away, and new recruits (and children) have no idea many of Branham's rules even exist. While the older crowd remembers shunning even the thought of television, the new breed enjoys it. And not simply on a box that is labeled "television," many now watch their entertainment on the internet through Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

But as the Branham family would say, "If you have a question, take it back to the tapes!"

William Branham himself would call the cult churches of today a "Jezebel Religion!" Branham himself would condemn the Still Waters Camp -- and did several times. He condemned church's multi-million dollar buildings when there are missionaries without even shoes on their feet. Branham condemned those "yellow-bellied pastors" who are afraid to condemn the things that he himself condemned. Branham condemned "sissy men" who did not enforce these rules in their own household. William Branham, if alive today, would look at these "Message" cult churches and tell them that they have "denominated" and "gone soft."

Could it be that the cult churches of today actually have a better understanding of scripture than the cult leader who was supposed to bring back "the original truth?" Could it be that they have realized the error of Branham's ascetic doctrine, and replaced it with one step closer to the New Covenant of Grace?

Why can they not step all the way back to the Bible, denounce their Jezebel Religion, and serve the One True God rather than the mythologies of their ancestors?