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Correction To Bridge Post

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Correction To Bridge Post:

Earlier today, we posted about Voice of God Recordings removing the Vissing Testimony after a researcher contacted us. The original link that is referenced in several articles was no longer working:

Another researcher contacted us to inform us that their article is still on the website. They changed the URL, and as a result, all links from ours and other websites point to an invalid page. Here is the new URL that they are using:

It does not appear this was done on purpose. The new url contains a multi-lingual node for the ability to publish their website in multiple languages. Maybe since they are doing that, they can translate ALL of William Branham's sermons in other languages! Then other countries can compare all of the many contradictions in the life stories and prophecies like we can in the English language!

Again, you can also see the issues with the Vissing testimony detailed here:

Historical information including the newspaper articles for the Big Four Bridge: