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William Branham's Christmas Tax Amazement

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William Branham's Christmas Tax Amazement:

Each Christmas holiday since we have been posting on, ex-cult members enter the private support groups to discuss the long-lasting issues that they have received due to the conflicting doctrine in the "Message" mind control cult. Many, now facing the holidays after having been abandoned by their friends and family, find themselves struggling to get into the "Christmas spirit." And having been in a doomsday cult that preached so harshly against that "Christmas spirit," they find invisible weights of baggage dragging them even further down.

But fortunately for those who came out of the Jeffersonville, Indiana branch of the cult, this is one weight of baggage that has no struggle. While cult churches around the world preach hell-fire and brimstone to any who would enjoy the "Christmas spirit," those in Jeffersonville enjoy and have enjoyed the holidays for decades.

In great irony, each of the businesses created by William Branham and/or his sons reaps the benefits of this holiday no differently than any of the stores or shopping malls that cult pastors condemn. While blasting their congregations for contributing to the local retail stores that provide jobs for local families, these same pastors promote giving local funding to multi-million-dollar organizations that have the name "Branham" associated with them.

And William Branham gave them much fuel for their fire of hate speech against the holiday. In several sermons, Branham associated Christmas holidays and that "Christmas spirit" with Roman Catholicism, which he claimed to be the "Mark of the Beast" from Revelation. So in essence, William Branham was telling his congregation that to celebrate Christmas was to associate with the "Beast."

There is that Roman empire, bound there by (what?) the ecclesiastical powers. Which, Rome, pagan Rome become papal Rome, and was bound there in its traditions of Christian. What part of Christian, and—and superstitions it had of Rome putting together all these; worship of women, and all these other kind of stuff, and Christmas days, and holidays, and holy days, and things. It's been bound with that tradition that it cannot let loose, because it's against Christian principles. Still the same ungodly, pagan spirit!
- Branham, 64-0719M

But William Branham himself enjoyed the holiday, as did his children. The local churches and organizations can be at each other's throats all year long as they compete for more sales on Branham's merchandise -- but at Christmas time, they all come together as one big happy family. And this was reflected in William Branham's sermons:

I just wish it could be Christmas all the time. Everybody seems to be so friendly around Christmas time, wanting to help one another, and everything. And everybody down on the street say, "How are you, brother?" Other times of the year won't even speak to you. So I... It'd be good if it stayed Christmas, wouldn't it? Just Christmas all the time...
- Branham, 54-1219M - Divine Healing

But in Jeffersonville, there is a sight to see that you won't find in the cult churches around the globe. And not all in the local cult churches are privy to the information. Only those who were in "special" families who were around the Branham family were there to witness the "Christmas spirit" from behind closed doors. Having been born into such a family, and having had the "privilege" of being around those very close to William Branham and his sons, I can almost agree with the disgust against the Christmas spirit.

Each year in December, the gifts and donations start flowing in from hearts around the globe who are in that "Christmas spirit." Some in physical packaging, some in the form of checks made out to the various organizations, but quite a bit given in untraceable cash. Multiple people very close to the Branham family describe the numerous rolls of cash around his quaint little home. And William's death did not stop the massive flow of income in December; his sons are the recipients of gifts from cult followers worldwide.

And the gifts in physical packages also equate to untraceable funds. Many of these gifts are recycled to others, sold for cash, or returned to stores for cash value. And because they were given as a Christmas gift, this cash value is not required to be reported on income tax statements. William Branham himself noticed this loophole:

God bless each one of you. I want to say again for the nice Christmas presents that each one give me. The church give me a new suit, oh, how I appreciate it. And I got two new suits for Christmas. My brother, the little church down in Macon, Georgia, down there, Brother Palmer, sent me a new suit. And the Tabernacle give me a new suit, and there's so many nice things give in, and—and Christmas gifts in the line of money. Which, the division of income tax tells me that if it's a Christmas present and wrote "Christmas present" or a "Birthday present," anything, you can accept it; otherwise that I have to... It—it goes into the work, which is all right.
- Branham, 61-1231M - You Must Be Born Again

I myself think that the over-commercialization of Christmas is ridiculous. The retail stories have set themselves up for a very dangerous game: all year long, they barely survive while gambling that their Christmas sales will carry them through until the next holiday season. Some stores do not survive the gamble, closing their doors after the season in bankruptcy.

But when comparing the "Christmas spirit" of the retail stores to the "Christmas spirit of the organizations that support Branham's religious cult, it's very obvious to see which is the lesser evil. While helping these stores survive their rediculous gamble, local shoppers are supporting many lower-class families in their cities. Were they to boycott the stores, many families would be out of work. Some would be homeless.

Supporting the organizations in Branham's cult, it is clearly obvious which people are the beneficiaries. Many of their employees are paid lower-class wages. Some would actually make more money in a retail store. And while retail stores have all tiers of financial class, many people sharing the wealth of the income, the multi-million-dollar organizations created to sell Branham's propaganda are generally making one or two men filthy wealthy.

Why do William Branham's followers condemn other Christians for enjoying the "Christmas spirit?" Are they not participating in the same commercial experience with different companies? By doing so, are they also condemning the head figures of the organizations established for sales of Branham's merchandise?

Shouldn't we take advantage of the season to share the love of God? Shouldn't we celebrate with others who are doing the same?