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Young Foundations - Bowing To Branham

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Young Foundations - Bowing To Branham:

Recently, we received an email regarding recent cult gathering of "Message" children in Pennsylvania. The sender asked, "Who are they bowing to?"

We browsed through the photographs, and found ourselves immediately sharing the concern of the sender. There were numerous photographs of children bowing their heads to William Branham. But oddly, we could not find a single painting of Jesus Christ. In fact, we could not find a single painting of the cross -- with the exception of the "t" in ""

"Message" cult followers claim their worship is centered on Christ. But is this truly the case? Would not they be bowing themselves before God instead of before Branham? If they were followers of Christ, would not the projector be displaying Bible verses, paintings of Christ and his disciples, the cross, the resurrection, or any other aspect of Christianity? Why do the followers center their focus on William Branham?