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The Louisville 1931 Egg-Shaped Car Prediction

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The Louisville 1931 Egg-Shaped Car Prediction:

We have received many questions about the newspapers we have posted that predicted the future of the automobile industry throughout parts of the world. Some asked, could William Branham really claim prophecy on something that any person on the street could have already guessed simply by reading the news?

But one researcher asked a valid question that made us dig a little deeper. "These articles are mostly from other areas of the United States. Can we be sure that William Branham read them?"

Outside of the United States, many are not familiar with the widespread publication of the Associated Press. Articles written by the A.P. are generally published in newspapers far and wide -- or in Branham's case, local and nearby.

Though Voice of God Recordings claims that the local newspapers are "destroyed" due to the 1937 flood, we find that this is truly not the case. One can freely search through the Jeffersonville Evening News or the Louisville Courier Journal. The local public libraries have all of the archives, and they are easy for anyone to search. Also, the Courier Journal has published their archives online for anyone to search:

We did a quick search, and found that the egg-shaped car was "prophesied" by the local newspapers as early as August 9, 1931. The page from the newspaper is now uploaded to our "Egg-Car Prophecy" page on Seek The Truth:

The full-sized image of the page: