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Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest - Family Liquor History

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Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest - Family Liquor History:

Voice of God Recordings claims that the archives of local newspapers were lost during the 1937 flood. Are they being honest?

In a few simple searches on, we were able to find several interesting articles about Branham family history. The first thing that caught our eye was that of a young William Branham shooting himself in the leg. According to the Clark Memorial Hospital, William Branham's birth year was 1907 -- just as we find with every other document we have found with the exception his conflicting marriage licenses. Did William Branham perjure himself?

Interestingly, it appears that he was being truthful about one part of his life story. His father did own a moonshine still, and a large one at that. Charles Branham was arrested after having been caught with a ten-gallon moonshine still and other liquor-producing parts and materials. Because of this, the Branham family could not afford to pay the hospital bills for William's leg injury, and her mother pleaded for help.

But William Branham claimed that he was the sole provider for his widowed mother and siblings. According to the story, Charles was alive and well -- but alive and well in jail. His mother claimed that Charles was the provider for the family -- not William -- and that she needed him to resume work at the local factory to provide for her family.

His release was not fast enough, though. It appears that Charles had additional properties, and his arrest placed the family under financial burden. The Coots brothers asked the Clark County Sheriff to evict the Charles Branham from the property that he had purchased. According to the newspaper article, Charles was unable to make the payments.

We had no trouble finding the "missing" archives. They are all there, in plan site. Now, with internet technology, everyone can easily browse through them. Why is Voice of God Recordings unable to find them? Are they really that incompetent? Or are they not wanting people to learn the real life story? Would they rather the followers believe the fiction than the truth?

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