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Is Joseph Branham Being Honest - The Archives

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Is Joseph Branham Being Honest - The Archives:

Yesterday, we published a photograph of the newspaper archives at the Jeffersonville Library. After this, we started receiving questions and comments from those around the world (and even locally) who have never seen these archives. Taking Voice of God Recordings' word, they assumed that the archives no longer existed. And many -- even locally -- have never checked to see if Voice of God Recordings was telling the truth.

Some of the questions made us realize that we had not published enough information. We published a photograph of the drawers, but we did not public a photograph of what was contained within. And we stated that it was the public library, but we did not tell how long it would have taken Voice of God Recordings to travel to this library. Is it several days journey? Do they have to cross the hot, burning desert on the back of a camel? Or maybe by boat, tossed to and fro by angry waves in a stormy sea?

One lady, now a very close friend of ours, came out of the "Message" cult when the former pastor and entire deacon staff accused Billy Paul and Joseph Branham of stealing property from the church. She has spent the past several weeks examining all of the information that has placed William Branham's entire ministry in question, and has decided to leave the cult and follow Christ. She suggested that we show people worldwide exactly how "difficult" it would have been for Voice of God Recordings to tell the truth in their publications and responses to callers with questions. And it was a very good idea, so we took her advice.

This is a video of the "long journey" it would have taken for Voice of God Recordings to find the "missing" archives. All-in-all, it is about five minutes travel time from Joseph Branham's house. Add to this the time to walk into the Public Library, find the "Indiana Room" of archives, open the drawer, and load the microfiche, and we find that the total time elapsed is ten minutes.

In just ten minutes, we found the archives that Voice of God Recordings has had over fifty years to locate. Were they being honest with the people? Have they even tried to locate them?
Voice of God Recordings has access to the same resources that we do. With hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal. In my opinion, it is an outright lie to claim that the archives are "missing" due to the flood. When we open the drawer, we find absolutely NO archives missing. The newspaper appears to have shut down for a few days during the 1937 flood, and those records were never created -- so of course they do not exist! But they aren't "missing." We find ALL of the archives intact for 1933, when Branham claims the newspapers published a story about a "mystic light over Baptist minister." Moreover, we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that William Branham was NOT a Baptist minister. At the time of his claim, he was a Pentecostal minister.

For sixty-eight years, the Branham Family have claimed supernatural experiences, many of which were allegedly printed in the local newspaper. And since Voice of God Recordings has opened the doors to their multi-million-dollar complex, visitors have asked where these newspapers are. Each person who asks is disappointed, because they were either "lost" or "destroyed in the flood."

Well, we have found the archives for them. And we have taken the time to show them exactly how to travel to them, find them, load them, and use them.

It's time to ask them to support their claims. Contact them:

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