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Has Voice Of God Recordings Been Caught Lying - Part 2

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Has Voice Of God Recordings Been Caught Lying - Part 2:

Recently, we received a comment concerning the quickly growing mound of evidence placing very crucial "Message" cult doctrines under question. "It's odd that Voice of God Recordings has not produced a single thread of evidence to substantiate William Branham's claims verifiable evidence speaks against."

It is odd.

We are told by followers that the recent strategy by Voice of God Recordings is to lead followers to the conclusion that all newspapers, government records, and anything verifiable have been destroyed in the flood. But has it?

In both the Jeffersonville and Louisville public libraries, one can easily walk in to see the archives. Not only do they have extensive collections, some dating back to the 1800's, they clearly have marked which records were damaged in the flood. And in most cases, the flood damaged records from years, months, and days that do not have any importance in researching William Branham's claims.

In the Jeffersonville Public Library, any follower can freely walk into the "Indiana room," and find large collections of books and microfiche to search. Given the time to spend in reading, a follower can easily look through every single newspaper clipping from the year 1933 -- when Branham claimed that local and national newspapers printed articles describing a "Mysterious light that hung over a Baptist minister."

Now, that newspaper went on to Associated Press. It went all the way into Canada, and all through... We have the clippings of it yet. Said, "A mystic Light appears over a local Baptist minister while..."
- Branham, 60-0210

In multiple places, one can find confirmations that William Branham was a Pentecostal preacher -- not a Baptist minister. As we have already published onto our Government Records page, Branham is listed as a pentecostal in the city directory, local newspaper advertisements, Hope's obituary, and more. Why would the newspaper print articles describing this "Baptist" minister, when they already knew and had published articles describing him being "Pentecostal?" And evidently, they knew him well -- Hope Branham's obituary was printed on the front page.

Before these records were published, the focus was on this and other websites researching the many claims by William Branham. Though it was unfortunate, the burden of proof was on the researcher -- not the man making the claims. But now that we have found ample evidence to support the idea that William Branham was either delusional or outright lying, the burden of proof has shifted back to Voice of God Recordings. And more specifically, Billy Paul and Joseph Branham, who have been promoting this fiction as though it were fact. Doing so has evidently been very profitable.

So we fully agree with the question. Why have they not opened these drawers at the Jeffersonville Public Library? The archives have all of the newspapers, wouldn't one expect them to proudly display the article about the "mysterious light" on their website? In fact, I can imagine they would want to display it in a massive display on the foyer of their multi-million dollar building!

Why do they not make the trip to the Library? Why have they not found a single article describing this Pentecostal preacher being "Baptist" in 1937 when God allegedly smote his wife dead? Or the 500 converts being baptized? Wouldn't one think that 500 converts in the local river would make the news? Like William Branham said, God speaking from the heavens to announce a prophet would make international news, "plumb up into Canada?" Why do we not find a single article, local, state, national, or international?

Yes, it is true that no evidence does not equal proof. But now that we find that archives DO exist, we can no longer claim that "no evidence exists."

Is not he archive itself evidence?

Voice of God Recordings has access to the same resources that we do. With hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal. Did they really not know? Or are they withholding information?

It's time to ask them to support their claims. Contact them:

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