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The Race for the Maginot Line Prediction

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The Race for the Maginot Line Prediction:

William Branham claimed to have "prophesied" the "German" Maginot Line in 1933, eleven years before Germany built it. Is this true? Did the Germans build the Maginot Line, and was it built in 1944?

And in 1933 when the Lord, when we was having meetings over here where that Church of Christ is standing now, the old Masonic home, the vision of the Lord came to me up here and predicted that, Germany would rise up and have put that Maginot Line there. Many of you remember.
- Branham, 58-0927

An international incident between the French military and Germany made international news in January of 1923, ten years prior to William Branham's alleged "prophecy." General Andre Maginot of the French military reported during the French occupation, one was killed and two were wounded as the French line was further advancing.

This angered the Germans, and in March of that same year, a French Official was assassinated in retaliation. The French saw the event as an act of terror, and promised that vengeance would quickly follow. Maginot, now War Minister set severe reprisal measures upon the district occupied.

By April, the conflict was quickly growing in size. Belgian officials joined in pressuring the Germans. At a conference in Duesseldorf, French and Belgian ministers of war met with military commanders. During the course of this meeting, it was decided that the French would not extend their occupation. Instead, they decided to fortify.

In a large-scale operation to prepare for impending military invasion, France decided to fortify their borders. War Minister Maginot decided that the old-style methods of forts protecting large sections of land would not be of any value towards defending against the more modern technology of 1930. WWI had proven these forts to be ineffective, and they could not withstand a second world war. Construction of a new fortification system began on the northwestern, northern, and southern frontiers. Maginot declared that this line of defense would be completed by 1931.

Why did William Branham claim that the Germans built this line of defense named after French Minister of War Andre Maginot?

She'll never rise again. THUS SAITH THE LORD. 1956 she made her fatal move. Now. And she took well on her way about three months ago. Now, she's gone! Right it in your bibles, see if it's right. 1933, one morning going to the Baptist tabernacle, I went into a trance, saw a vision. I saw President Roosevelt was going to help lead the world to a world war, told it that morning. They was going to lock me up for it. And I said, "They'll go to war with Germany." Eleven years before the Maginot Line was built, I said, "There..." in that same vision I saw Germany fortified in concrete.
- Branham, 61-0312

And the Americans and the Germans built the Maginot Line, and they... And Americans taken a hard beating there but finally overcome.
- William Branham, November 13, 1960

In January of 1932, The French Minister of War Andre Maginot died of typhoid fever and complications, causing a sudden shaking of the French cabinet. But the construction of the line of defense did not die with him. The French continued to fortify their borders, building concrete barriers preventing incoming ground attack from tanks and other artillery. In 1935, still nine years prior to Branham's claim in "prophecy", the French line of defense was named after the late Minister of War. From July of 1935 forward, it would be known as the Maginot Line.

Though the history of this defensive strategy of fortification may seem long forgotten, this was a very hot topic for its time. It was present in newspapers around the globe as the world watched in fear that another world war would bring Armageddon. Many of the newspaper articles we found were printed in cities of Indiana very near to Branham's hometown of Jeffersonville.

Could not any single person in Branham's "Baptist church" have prophesied of this Maginot line? Were the newspaper reporters "prophets?" If we claim that William Branham had special "insight" into this Maginot Line, could we not claim the same for any child sitting in the congregation who had access to his father's newspaper?

Was William Branham really a "prophet?" Or was he simply a man who had money to purchase a newspaper?

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