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Is The Pope Vindicated Too

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Is The Pope Vindicated Too:

Though many of us were raised listening to sermons praising William Branham for having a ministry that was "more accurate than today's newspaper," and whose "prophecies never failed," many elders in the mind control cult following of William Branham are now changing their strategy. Following Voice of God Recording's example in the "Because He Said So" article, pastors are now promoting the idea that William Branham's "Message" can, indeed, have many mistakes, errors, conflicts, and even failed prophecies. According to the new strategy, none of this matters, because he was a "vindicated prophet." ... and then they claim that his "healing" was vindication for his "prophecy."

To which, we often ask the question, is a baseball player "vindicated" by how well that he can grow daisies?

But now, this new strategy by the elders of the cult has placed them in an unusual and unfortunate situation. The Catholic Church, who William Branham programmed his followers to believe is the "Mother of Harlots" from the Book of Revelation, is now "vindicated." Applying the same strategy they are using to forgive William Branham for having had many failed prophecies and fictional statements in his sermons, we can claim that the Pope is the "Prophet for our age." But with one difference:

We haven't yet found an example of the Pope giving failed prophecies or lying about his past.

Does this make the Pope MORE vindicated than William Branham?

According to recent news published on CBS News, the Pope has successfully shrunk a brain tumor. With just a kiss, the brain tumor of a small child has shrunk.

Having been born and raised in this mind control cult, many of us are already aware of the programmed response: "Satan can imitate anything that God can do." (referring to the Pope as .. ahem .. Satan.)

But this not only defies logic when comparing William Branham to the Pope, it is a direct argument against William Branham himself:

But that the people might know that this Spirit, Who can know the secret of the heart, also is the Christ Who heals... And we know that the devil has no power to heal; He cannot heal. For God said, "I'm the Lord who heals all thy diseases." So Satan cannot heal. Neither could Jambres and Jannes take away the—the—make the healing. They could bring the diseases, because it was of the devil, but they couldn't take it away. And Moses and Aaron was the only one who could heal, could cure by God. They could take the plague away and take the curse away. But the magicians could bring the curse, but not take it away. God's the only Healer.
Branham, 57-0518 - Stand Still

Now that Voice of God Recordings has placed the elders into this awkward situation, one can only imagine the questions they will receive from their congregation. "So healing does not 'vindicate' a prophet? If his prophecies failed, and his stories were fiction, and healing did not 'vindicate', then why are we following him?"

CBS News: