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Hope Branham's Obituary - William Turns Against God

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Hope Branham's Obituary - William Turns Against God:

During his many conflicting life stories, William Branham often made the claim that "God" executed his own punishment against his wife Hope for his listening to his mother-in-law. This gut-wrenching tale has brought tears to the eyes of listeners worldwide for centuries. But was he being honest?

The 1937 flood come up. Sorrows begin to break in. Things went wrong at the church. My congregation begin to drop. Just get out of the harmony with God one time. And friends, I'll always regret it as long as I live. Right then, my church thought I was a fanatic. They still do. Not my church body at Jeffersonville, no, no, I mean the Baptist church that I belonged to.
- Branham, 53-1108A "Life Story"

When one begins to examine the details surrounding her death, the entire story falls into question. While William Branham claims that this entire event took place during the 1937 flood, we find that Hope had already contracted her deadly tuberculosis over a year before her death. And we find that the illness did not claim her life during the flood, overturning Branham's exciting tales of braving flood waters to get to her hospital.

But when one examines the obituary for Hope Branham, we find a much bigger question. Did William Branham turn against God?

In his stories, William Branham blamed God for her death. Though he claimed that his own mistake (or more specifically, his mother-in-law's mistake) was the cause, Branham always stated that her cause of death was God. And he said that God's wrath was caused by his keeping her from the Pentecostals at the direction of her mother.

In the obituary for Hope Branham, published in the Jeffersonville Evening News on July 22, 1937 (five months after the flood receded), Hope's death made front page news. Rather than being a Baptist minster as he claimed, the newspaper lists him as a Pentecostal minister. But even more important, Hope belonged to the Pentecostal Tabernacle which the news claimed William Branham pastored.

Did God mistakenly kill Hope, not knowing that she had, in fact, become Pentecostal? Did Hope somehow hide her "conversion" from the Almighty God? Did William Branham also hide his own "conversion" from God?

When one considers all the facts, there is really no other choice, assuming one still believes William Branham to be speaking truth. We cannot have an "angry God" killing the Pentecostal wife of a Pentecostal minister for his not becoming Pentecostal.

To be clear, there are really only two choices:

Either God was both ignorant and narcissistic, or William Branham's entire life story is now in question.

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