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William Branham's Kentucky History In Question

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William Branham's Kentucky History In Question:

In our quest to examine William Branham's life story as it compares to recorded history, we are leaving no stone unturned. So far, each and every portion of the life story we have examined has huge issues when compared to government records, newspapers, and actual truth. We are beginning to receive emails and phone calls asking the question, "Did any part of the life story actually happen like he said?"

While examining the government records, we came across something very interesting. Melvin Branham, William Branham's next younger brother, was born in Charlestown Indiana according to an official Birth Certificate issued by the State of Indiana. While this may seem insignificant at first glance, and while Melvin's birth place does not seem of any value within William Branham's life story, we must look closer at the year in which Melvin was born.

Recorded on an official birth certificate issued by the State of Indiana, Melvin Branham was born on May 27, 1912. According to William Branham's alleged birth year of 1909, this would make William 3 years, 1month, and 21 days old at the time of Melvin's birth. Branham claimed that his birthdate was April 6, 1909, and he was just shy of his third birthdate. What was the family doing in Indiana instead of Kentucky?

Those of you familiar with William Branham's life stories are also familiar with the "log cabin story," wherein a young William and nine other siblings were raised in a very tiny log cabin in the hills of Kentucky:

I was born in a little mountain cabin, way up in the mountains of Kentucky. They had one room that we lived in, no rug on the floor, not even wood on the floor, it was just simply a bare floor. And a stump, top of a stump cut off with three legs on it, that was our table. And all those little Branhams would pile around there, and out on the front of the little old cabin, and wallowed out, looked like where a bunch of opposums had been wallowing out there in the dust, you know, all the little brothers. There was nine of us, and one little girl, and she really had a rough time amongst that bunch of boys. We have to respect her yet today from the things that we did in those days. She couldn't go with us anywhere, we'd run her back, she was a girl. So she couldn't take it, you know. So we had... And all... Remember that back behind the table we had just two chairs, and they were made out of limb bark. Just old hickory saplings put together, and the bottom of them laced with hickory bark. Did anybody ever see a hickory bark chair? Yeah. And I can hear Mama yet. Oh, later on when we got into a place where she could have a wooden floor, with those babies on her lap like this, and rocking that old chair just bangity, bangity, bang on the floor. And I remember to keep the little ones from going out the door, when she would be washing or something, she'd lay a chair down and turn it kind of catercornered across the door, to keep the little ones from getting out when she had to go to the spring to get water, and so forth.
- Branham, 59-0419A

But was William Branham and his siblings really living in a log cabin in Kentucky as he claimed? And were his poverty claims accurate?

My father was a logger. My mother, her father was a school teacher, and the principal of the rural schools. Didn't get to go to school very much in Kentucky, you know, the creeks could get up and you couldn't go. In the summertime they had to take a gooseneck hoe and chop out the corn, tobacco, and stuff that they raised in the hills, make a living.
I was down, standing by the little old cabin, not long ago, and took a picture of it. I think it appeared in my book: a little old two room cabin.
- Branham, 50-0820A

To be sure, we must examine whether or not William Branham's family moved back into the hills of Kentucky after Melvin's birth. So we also collected the birth certificates for Edgar and Jesse Branham.

Edgar L. Branham was born May 14, 1914 in Clark County, Indiana. Jesse F. Branham was born July 3, 1916, also in Clark County, Indiana. It would appear that the Branham family grew up in the bustling casino and liquor distillery town of Jeffersonville, not the hills of Kentucky.

But how can we reconcile this with all of the stories of William Branham hunting, trapping, and fishing in the hills of Kentucky? Or the stories of him climbing up into the loft to have his mother pour "coon grease" in his eyes? Assuming the family had moved the very day that Melvin was born, we cannot picture any of these tales applying to a barely-three-year-old toddler! Would a mother allow a three-year-old child to carry a rifle or a "coon trap?" Could the toddler even carry those things into the wilderness, and if he somehow managed to get his game, could he bring the animal back to the cabin?

The more government records we examine, the more we find ourselves asking the same question we are being asked. How much of William Branham's life story is true -- if any? And if not true, what purpose would William Branham have in being untruthful?

But the most obvious question is sobering. Most families sit around the living room telling stories of days gone by. Though the Branham family does not appear normal by any means, we do know that the family spent a great deal of time together. My family spent a great deal of time with many of them, and met many of the Branham kinfolk.

How many people knew that Branham's life story was not fully accurate? How many times did Billy Paul and Joseph Branham hear family members telling an entirely different story about the Branham family past?

Are Billy Paul Branham and Joseph Branham being honest with the people?

Some are being told by Voice of God Recordings that the Branham family had "forgotten" William Branham's birth year. Yet we have census records from the States of Kentucky and Indiana showing a consistent 1907 given by William's parents as his official birth year. And the birth years of Branham's siblings match both census reports. Did William Branham's parents remember all of his siblings ages, but forget William's?

New records on our government documents page! And more to come! Stay tuned!

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