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Questions About The Newspaper Article

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Questions About The Newspaper Article:

Those of you asking about the date of the newspaper article entitled "Egg-Shaped Automobile Body Predicted For Future" in today's Facebook Post can find it in the full collection in our "Resources" section of It is 1931. We apologize for not putting the date of the newspaper in the meme.

From what we can tell, the aerodynamics of a rounded automobile was a scientific discovery made in 1902 France, which was reported internationally. We have a collection of newspapers describing egg-shaped cars dating back to 1902.

By the 1930's, this discovery made its way into newspaper and radio broadcasts through the work of Norman Bel Geddes. BelGeddes made the prediction a reality through his book "Horizons" and discussions with automotive giants such as GM. A large section of the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago that Branham mentioned visiting was displaying the future as predicted by Bel Geddes, and visitors were transported into the fair in an egg-shaped car. Unless William Branham lived in an underground bunker with no access to the outside world, he would have known about the egg-shaped aerodynamics.

You can see the full newspaper advertisement and research material here: