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George Smith - Fighting For Blood

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George Smith - Fighting For Blood:

Did George Smith influence the "Message" cult following of William Branham? Was William Branham being truthful?

As the male population make their exodus from the "Message," the cult following of William Branham, one of the most common questions I get is this: "Was William Branham REALLY a professional boxer that won fifteen rounds?"

I said, "Yes, sir. With his good training, I won fifteen professional fights, and quit the—the business; preach the Gospel.
Branham, 62-0311 - The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

When first started in 2012, there was very little access to the government records, newspaper archives, and other documents we've recently been publishing. Many researchers came to the conclusion that "Six Second Smith" did not exist -- simply because they could not find any record. It wasn't until SearchingForVindication published their findings that the former cult members realized that there was, indeed, a boxer called "Six Second Smith."

In the hypnotic trance induced by the sermons of William Branham, followers do not hear the quickly injected "disclaimers" Branham used when spinning his tales. When former members claimed Six Second Smith did not exist, current members under the mind control of the "Message" were greatly offended -- they fought back, arguing that not only did he exist, William Branham did go fifteen rounds! According to cult elders, "just because we cannot find record of Branham's boxing career, we cannot claim that he did not go fifteen rounds."

And this is quite funny, given the hypnotic technique and the "disclaimer." Branham never said that he fought fifteen rounds, in the same way that he never said that he was a prophet. The people said that! Branham actually claimed that he DREAMED it, immediately prior to claiming to have been in fifteen rounds:

And then I—I dreamed, the other night, that I seen Six Second Smith. Now, it wasn't a vision. It was a dream.
Branham, 62-0311 - The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

The problem, however, is that dream turned into alleged history. Branham began to claim that it was a REAL event, and that he was trained by George "Six Second" Smith ... at the GOVERNMENT!

And I used to box. And there was a fellow named here in this city. The poor fellow drinks very bad now. One of his boys is on the police force. Smith, George Smith, they called him, "Six Second Smith." He went to training me for boxing, when we had... 'fore the Golden Gloves started. We was out here at the government.
62-0401 - Wisdom Versus Faith

He claimed that his "training" happened before the Golden Gloves started -- at the government. But did this "history" which started as a "dream" really happen?

The Golden Gloves began in 1923 at a boxing event in the Chicago Stadium. William Branham would have been fourteen at the time, according to the birthdate that he used in his life stories. (Sixteen according to the birthdate his parents claimed, 1907).

But Smith began his quick rise to fame in 1923. Newspapers around the nation began printing his boxing events. As you can imagine, there are no reports of his "government" involvement and We find no professional thirteen-year-old "government agent" William Branham. We do find hollywood capturing Smith's rise to fame in a theater attraction, "Blood Fight."

Was William Branham being honest in his life stories? Was he really a government boxing man before age fourteen? Or like everything else we've studied with his life stories, was this just another emotional story used to induce a hypnotic state powerful enough to make current followers miss the fact that this was a dream?

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