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Is Joseph Branham and Voice Of God Recordings Misusing Donations

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Is Joseph Branham and Voice Of God Recordings Misusing Donations:

We just received this from a (now former) member of the "Message" cult from the Congo. We hope that by publishing this we do not place them in any sort of danger. But after reviewing the content of this message, and comparing it to the recent events at Jeffersonville, IN wherein the pastor and entire staff of deacons resigned from the Branham Tabernacle over alleged misuse of church funds, we have to ask the question: Are the Branham brothers also misusing the funds accumulated through donation?

According to this (now former) member who received a copy of a letter sent by Joseph Branham, Voice of God Recordings is charging for their materials in the Congo. Every family receiving the materials sent to the Congo are required to pay monthly fees in exchange for receiving products apparently sold by Voice of God Recordings.

This is shocking when one considers the fact that Voice of God Recordings recently amassed over one hundred million dollars in assets. Local (now former) cult members are in an uproar after realizing that their children were being asked to give even their pennies, nickels, and dimes to the "non-profit (non-prophet) organization when so much money was being accumulated.

Worse, cult followers in the United States tell us that they are under the impression that monies sent into Voice of God Recordings are being used to pay for those in other countries who cannot afford to receive "the Word [of Branham]. When one examines other non-profit religious organizations, any monies collected for the worldwide distribution of materials are used to pay for the recipients of that material. If cult followers in Africa are being asked to pay for their materials, then WHAT is Voice of God Recordings doing with the donation money?

Any time a former follower asks Voice of God Recordings staff this question, the response is typically something like, "it costs a lot of money to ship and distribute our materials overseas."

But why, then, do they print the materials in the United States? Would it not be more cost effective to offer jobs to those less fortunate by employing them in printing and distribution centers in other nations? And does it make sense to charge those people for the materials?

This (now former) member has examined the money situation, now questions Voice of God Recordings' "non-profit" status even further. In this letter, the materials being distributed are tiny SD cards, which cost next to nothing for Voice of God Recordings to produce and ship. We found several SD cards for sale at consumer retailers for less than a dime. If one were to buy at warehouse rates in bulk, we can only assume it will be a few pennies for an SD card large enough to hold the entire collection of Branham's sermons in PDF. And they are small enough to mail in an envelope, making the entire shipment cost less than the tithe collected at any "Message" cult church on any given Sunday.

Why is Voice of God Recordings charging for these? And why are they asking people to "Gather together to sell?"

Here is a copy of the letter sent to us:


Letter of Joseph Branham to VOICE OF LIES OFFICE IN KINSHASA, CONGO AFRICA. It was in french but I translate in English. It was written by their French department. Here is the letter

To the brothers present at the meeting of VGR in Kinshasa, for the distribution of SD cards. I greet you in the precious and victorious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My brethren, I hope that each of you goes well. and you take advantage of the many blessings that the Lord has given us in our day. My brethren, would really like to be there. With you, for you shake hands. Get the brace and fraternizing with you around this - M7e; Z:173r -. We have been very busy to the voice of God, because we are working on many projects which you withdraw, I think. Many blessings.

Although it is not possible to be to me with you today trusted as brother Mali read you this letter, it will transmit you somehow love and recognition that I have for you and everything you do to serve the Lord God, the Almighty. I am really touched and blessed to see brothers like you who take a stand for God and his Message. and who express an unshakeable faith in God and his Message. that he sent his Prophet. Brother Branham. I simply do not have the words to express the gratitude that I feel in my heart to know that there are people like you who support us. While we do our best to send this Message to believers, everywhere on Earth. Brother Branham told us: ' C ' is an urgent call. " People gather to sell. (Israel always gathered at the sound of a trumpet.) Something important approach. 'Listen to this!' Therefore, this voice calls of a vein so urgent as a trumpet. It sounds. clear and vigorous; It surprises and wake up. Oh, may we hear God's voice like a trumpet today. because it is the 'the Gospel trumpet', which sounds the word of prophecy. We warn and prepare ourselves for what awaits the Earth. - the book of seven figes Church, Chapter 2 brothers, his coming is closer than ever. NOW is the time to be prepared, as never before.

So, I have at heart the opportunity to provide this valuable food in due time to the bride of Christ. For many years. Since 1981. I wanted that you may have access to this Message. so you can listen to the voice of God at any time. in all places. Today. You can do it, because the Message of the hour was put on a small SD card. who can even be inserted in your mobile! That God be praised! I can't wait to read the report that brother Mali send me distribution meeting and to see pictures of you, brothers, receiving the SD cards that we have sent. I ask you to always have a thought for me in prayer; I do the same for you. That God you-bless-extensively.

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph M. Branham


Now having been made aware of Voice of God Recordings millions of dollars increase in assets on our "Government Documents" page, and having seen what former members of the Branham Tabernacle are claiming is outright theft by the Branham brothers, this former follower will not be paying for these materials any longer. They have instead started reading the Bible, and are sharing the Gospel as stated in the New Testament with others in the Congo.

Please pray that their work will be fruitful, and that God will keep them out of harms way as they take on what appears to be a money-making giant with worldwide sales and distribution.

For those of you who are learning of these things for the first time, and are looking for the Government Records, you may find them here: