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Has Voice of God Recordings Been Caught Lying

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Has Voice of God Recordings Been Caught Lying:

Earlier today, we published the news articles for the sixteen men that actually drown during the construction of a bridge spanning the Ohio River from Louisville, KY into Jeffersonville, IN. Our main focal point was that newspapers across the nation were filled with reports of "sixteen men drowning like rats," which William Branham used to his advantage in his early days as a self-proclaimed prophet.

Instantly, we started receiving messages concerning the blog post. Not so much the content of the post itself, but it seems many are shocked to learn that newspaper archives do, in fact, exist!

It had slipped our memory that Voice of God Recordings made the claim that the 1937 flood had destroyed the newspaper archives, and that people should believe William Branham simply "because he said so." One researcher sent us a copy of the text from their publication defending the failed bridge prophecy, which verifies that Voice of God Recordings made this claim.

Was Voice of God Recordings lying to the public?

Immediately, we edited the blog post to include the text of their claim, and began digging. The local Jeffersonville and Louisville public libraries have an extensive archive of newspapers, census reports, government licensing, and other records that have been made available to the public. Should Voice of God Recordings have actually researched this bridge "prophecy" before their publication, they would be aware that records do, in fact, exist both locally and in archives stored in the state capitols of Indianapolis, Indiana and Frankfort, Kentucky. Did they research? Or did they simply print an article without any effort whatsoever?

But one claim in particular caught our eye. According to Voice of God Recording's "Because He Said So" article, the deaths of sixteen men on a bridge would have been unimportant to the local newspapers. To which we ask the question:


Now that cult members have access to, it would seem that this would be a foolish move by Voice of God Recordings. Not only can we find articles about people taking vacations, children breaking their leg in bicycle accidents and more, we find that the death of ONE person on the bridge was important. Not just important to the local Jeffersonville area, this death made national news! An example newspaper is the "Escanaba Daily," printed in Escanaba, Michigan on Saturday, January 19, 1929.

In the middle section, under column "School Wrecked by Wind," (another 'unimportant' story), we find that William Thrasher, age 43, was blown from the Louisville Bridge and drown.

Further in the column, it states:

"Louisville, KY., Jan. 18-- (AP) A workman was blown from a bridge and drown in the Ohio River, several persons were injured and several houses blown down during a heavy wind storm here late today."

So again, we ask the question: Has Voice of God Recordings been caught lying? Have the archives been "destroyed?" Were the deaths of sixteen men "unimportant?"

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