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Official Arizona Game And Fish Javelina Hunt Regulations

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Official Arizona Game And Fish Javelina Hunt Regulations:

Those in the cult following of William Branham who are familiar with the "Seven Seals doctrine" and have intimately familiarized themselves with Branham's many descriptions of this "supernatural event" are strongly objecting to recent claims that William Branham was not hunting javelina when a mysterious cloud appeared over northern Arizona. According to William Branham, he was "perfectly in position" when the cloud appeared, and describes witnesses who verify his claim. But were these witnesses being truthful?

And on the day just before it happened, the Holy Spirit came right into the little camp where we were camped at, and said, begin to reveal about our children, and what they must do, and how, what condition, and things that were taking place among them, and tell us what to do, and so forth. I just had to get up and walk away.
And the next morning. I had found out where the javelina were, and I was trying to tell these two brethren how to get to them.
This is exactly, and I'm perfectly in the position, northeast of Tucson, and Flagstaff, see, And I be east of Flagstaff, northeast of Tucson. And I said, "Here is these goatheads that I said I'd be picking off of my trouser." I said, "That's strange," and I just throwed it down, like that. And I looked up, on the side across the great chasm, and there was a whole herd up there. They were almost in shooting distance. So, I--I wouldn't shoot them myself, 'cause I didn't want them. I said, "If I can just get to Brother Fred and them, now, and get them over there." And I run over a little ravine, and along a ledge. And as I was running along there, all of a sudden it sounded like the whole country come apart, with such a blast. And it scared me till I thought... I was wearing a black hat, big black hat, and that just looks like a javelina anyhow, I thought somebody had shot me. And--and it just scared me till I jumped up in the air. Just then I thought, "What is this all about?" I seen the rocks tumbling off the side of the hill, rolling down. And I looked up, there was that white Circle above me there, circling around. Here come seven Angels, come moving down out of the air, picked me up, and said, "Go back to your home, to the East, right away, and bring those Seven Seals. For, there is seven mysteries, for the complete Word is revealed now in these seven mysteries." If you've never heard, if you ever believed I ever said anything in a sermon, inspired, you take them tapes of the Seven Seals. I'm not a tape salesman.
- Branham, 63-0802

Some current leaders in the message are claiming that William Branham was not being truthful about being underneath the cloud, but instead was truthful about the rest of the story. George Smith claims that Branham transferred into another dimension to somehow manage to be both in and out of Arizona at the same time. But while deeply studying the historical issues with William Branham's tale, many people fail to study the spiritual issues. While mesmerized by tales of javelina, clouds, and angels, cult leaders miss the "type" Branham used in this cult mythology.

That was just before I come back for the Seven Seals. When I come back for the Seven Seals, then I... One morning he got a hold of Billy, and he wanted to talk to me. And I was busy, under prayer for the Seven Seals. And then he told me of... It happened again, and repeated it again. Brother Roy, if I get this wrong, you--you call my attention. And he said he--he got up again, in the--in the morning, I guess early again, in the morning. And there he looked in the room and he saw this big Light, or a Cloud up on a mountain. He asked me, not long ago, "Was there something about a Cloud being on a mountain," and I said... "in the Bible?" And I said, "Yes, when Peter, James, and John was took up, and the Cloud overshadowed the Lord Jesus. And--and God spoke, said, 'This is my beloved Son.'"
- Branham, 63-0623M

Who did William Branham chose as his "type" in scripture for this "cloud event?" Was William Branham comparing himself directly to Jesus Christ? Did he remind his listeners of God announcing his Son to the world so that they would begin to believe that William Branham was Jesus Christ? Is that why so many today believe this?

The problem is that according to Government documents, Javelina season does not align with the cloud event. The Arizona Game and Fish Department confirm javelina season to be between March 1 through 10 in 1963.

Was William Branham being honest about his javelina tale? Was he really hunting out of season on February 28, 1963? If so, what else did he do that was illegal? If not, what else was he being dishonest about?

New documents on our government records page! And more to come! Stay tuned!

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