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Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenburg AFB Launch History

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Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenburg AFB Launch History:

Yesterday, we published our research on Dr. James E. McDonald, the "scientist" that William Branham referenced when making his claim that a mysterious cloud over northern Arizona was "supernaturally" linked to his "Message." Many were shocked to suddenly realize that William Branham never mentioned the name of this scientist after hearing so many examples of Branham's "name dropping" throughout his ministry. Even George J. Lacy got honorable mention for his report of Houston lights -- why did William Branham not mention McDonald by name?

But the highlight of the article for many was the fact that Vandenburg AFB was conducting a classified seven-week missile training school. In McDonald's initial report, he specifically stated that there were no nearby missile launches reported by the United States Air Force, and this is the report that cult leaders proudly reference when claiming that this cloud is "Seven Angels" as William Branham claimed.

Most followers were unaware that McDonald produced a second report, and that report did mention a missile launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base as a possible cause for the large cloud that floated across Arizona on February 28, 1963. But the large cloud was not the most interesting to the followers under the undue influence of mind control inflicted by leaders of the "Message" cult. It was the smaller, less amazing cloud that floated with the larger formation. We asked the question, "Why do cult leaders never mention the second cloud?" If the large cloud was made up of "seven angels," would not the smaller cloud have been made up of "seven little angels?" And if the large cloud was angelic conformation that God had given William Branham the "mystery" of the "Seven Seals," would not the smaller cloud have been "little mysteries?" Or do cult leaders realize the much larger questions this smaller cloud poses?

Immediately, we started receiving feedback for the research material, video, and publications to the life and times of James McDonald. But interestingly, for the first time in this site's history when publishing research material, almost all of the feedback was either positive or neutral. The positive were congratulating us on work that began over two years ago and took several hours to produce. The neutral were cult followers realizing that they were under undue influence of mind control, and were asking for more information. There were only four negative comments, all on the Facebook page for Seek The Truth, none of which addressed the huge issues we found with Branham's "angelic cloud." Instead, they were cursing and condemning any who question William Branham, which helped some followers realize that this movement is not centered on Christ. Why do they claim to be "Christian" when their entire religion is based on William Branham?

But we did receive feedback of criticism with regards to the content of our post. The most interesting feedback we received was centered around misinformation in the video, which we promised we would correct. As with any of our posts, if we make a mistake and it is sent to us for correction, we do our best to announce the mistake and issue correction.

One former follower asked this question: "Why would you make such a HUGE typo in favor of Voice of God Recordings?"

When we reviewed their findings, it was difficult not to laugh at the mistake. It is a massive amount of work producing the videos, and with just a handful of people involved, we sometimes find that little mistakes slip through that are missed in the process of review. And yes, it was largely in favor of William Branham's "mystery cloud" being "Seven Angels."

At the time of the cloud event, Vandenburg Air Force Base was conducting a seven WEEK missile training operation that was classified to the general public. Dr. James McDonald was unaware of the missile in the initial report, because this information had not yet been released. But in our video, we mistakenly typed "seven DAY," not "seven WEEK." There were many missiles launched from Vandenburg AFB, starting long before the February 28, 1963 event.

The most interesting launch was properly described in the video, however. Vandenburg AFB later announced that this missile training program was part of the defense system, and that they had successfully intercepted a Titan missile.

To help better understand the missile training and testing, we have added to our research page the link to the entire launch history of Vandenburg AFB. Those seeking can find two missile launches corresponding to the same day that two mysterious clouds floated across northern Arizona.

On February 28, 1963, an Atlas-D missile (an intercontinental ballistic missile) was launched. According to military specifications, the Atlas missile's warhead was over 100 times more powerful than the bomb dropped over Nagasaki in 1945.

On the same day, according to Vandenburg AFB's launch history, a PGM-17 Thor intermediate-range ballistic missile was launched. The specific type of Thor missile launched was a TAT (Thrust-augmented Thor) which includes three Castor solid rocket strapon boosters—each providing 53,000 lbf (236 kN) thrust.

It was because of the launch of these two missiles that Dr. James McDonald abandoned his quest to prove the "mystery cloud of 1963" to be an "Unidentified Flying Object." According to his second report, the launches at Vandenburg AFB could have caused the large ring that floated across northern Arizona and its companion ring.

We also received additional feedback for another typo in the video worth mentioning. A (now) former follower from Arizona told us, "that's INSULTING around these parts!" Referring to our using the phrase "Arizona State University" instead of the correct institution for UFO chaser Dr. James McDonald. McDonald was a physics professor at the University of Arizona. Evidently, the sports rival between the two are almost as explosive as the THOR missile that produced Branham's "cloud of mystery."

Both the video and the research page have been updated, and the Vandenburg launch history is now included on the page.

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