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Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenberg AFB Launch History (Take 3)

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Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenberg AFB Launch History (Take 3):

About an hour ago, we released an updated video with corrections made to the "James McDonald: The Cloud Chaser" video. We had left the original video live since so many people had either shared or were continuing to comment on it, and have received additional feedback from viewers of the video and readers of the research material posted on our website at

One minor change requested by another researcher was "Vandenburg" to "Vandenberg." While searching Google for more information on "Vandenburg" Air Force Base, it was confusing since the actual name ends in "berg" ('e' instead of 'u'). Oddly, the very first newspaper clipping used in the video describing Vandenberg Air Force Base was also misspelled, which led to the misspelling throughout the video, blog, and research page.

At the same time, we started receiving messages concerning the newspaper clipping describing the successful missile intercept. Some were confused, since the video did not make clear how significant this single newspaper clipping is to fully examining the "mystery cloud" of February 28, 1963. Part of this confusion is due to the original typo that led to the video edit earlier this morning.

At the beginning of the video, we described the classified United States Government "missile training," which lasted seven weeks (the first video mistakenly displayed 'days'.) At the time of McDonald's first report -- the only one of two reports that new recruits into the "Message" cult are given -- McDonald was unaware of any missile launches that corresponded to the two mysterious clouds that floated across northern Arizona on February 28, 1963.

By the time McDonald produced his second report on May 31, 1963, the two missile launches were declassified. In his second report, entitled "Status of Investigation of the Northern Arizona Stratospheric Cloud of February 28, 1963," McDonald mentions the Thor missile detonation. But still, the entire program had not fully been announced.

The climactic ending to the seven-week program was a successful interception of a Titan missile over the southwest Pacific ocean. This Titan missile program at Vandenberg AFB was originally slated to be conducted at Tucson AFB but was moved to Vandenberg. Dr. James McDonald was among the protestors requesting the skies of Tucson to be free from missile detonation.

The video and research page has been updated to include this information for those that are putting together all of the pieces to this puzzle. A new video is now available.

But what if McDonald had not been successful in protesting the Tucson AFB missile testing program? What if the missiles were detonated above the skies of Arizona instead of California? What if instead of floating from Vandenberg across northern Arizona those same missiles floated from Tucson into Houston, Texas while Branham himself was protesting the execution of the homosexual transvestite murderer Leslie Ashlie? Instead of "seven angels," would William Branham have claimed that the ring was vindication that Leslie Ashley was innocent? Would he have claimed that the larger cloud was a "type" of himself while the smaller cloud was a "type" of the transvestite?

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