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William Branham - State Game Warden

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William Branham - State Game Warden:

As with many mind-control cults, the "Message" following claims bragging rights to the many great "accomplishments" of their leader. From "boxing legend" to "State Game Warden," the cult following of William Branham claims that their leader was a great man -- not only a great "spiritual man," but a man well respected in the many different communities that he claimed to have established himself. Why? Because he said so.

It isn't until a person under the undue influence of the "Message" conquers the barriers of fear to question that these claims are examined. The barriers of mind control place mental blocks that divide the mind's ability to critically think and decipher between reality and fiction. Many former members of the cult, some as old as eighty years, have told me that they simply never thought about questioning his outrageous claims. "Why would he be untruthful about those things?" they ask. "Was everything a lie?"

Each claim we examine takes us down an unbelievable trail. With the great wealth of information freely available to the public, it is now much easier to examine these "bragging rights" to gain insight into the man we once loved and worshipped. Take, for instance, the claim of being a "Game Warden" at the time of Hope Branham's death:

Now, I remember, I had to the patrol, I went on... That's when I became into the conservation, working as a--a game warden. And I had to work; I was in debt everywhere. She was laying at the hospital waiting for the last of it. And I remember being up one day, and I heard it on radio, calling me to come in. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. I stopped, took off the belt, laid down the gun, and the hat. I bowed my head before God, looked like my church had gone. Everything was gone, I just--just--I was just all out. Life didn't mean nothing to me. And I said, "Heavenly Father, please don't let her die till I can see her one more time." I was about twenty miles away from home. I said, "Please don't let her die, that I can see her once more."
- Branham, 51-0722A

Recently we examined the claims surrounding Hope Branham's death, and found huge inconsistencies between official government record and William Branham's many conflicting stories. Those who missed it can examine the information here:

But was he a "Game Warden" at the time of Hope Branham's death?

In June of 1933, Millard L. Davis was named the Indiana State Game Warden, and appears to have came into the position with a bang. Warning squirrel hunters that they would be arrested and fishermen the same, Davis made big news from 1933 to December of 1936. The local Jeffersonville newspaper ran many stories about Davis, right down to arresting one person that appears to have actually been named "John Doe!" All while some tell us that Voice of God Recordings is claiming that the newspapers did not print such small stories as sixteen men dying on a bridge!

When we compare the newspaper articles, United States Census documents, and other information about Millard Davis, it is very evident that he was, indeed, the State Game Warden. Those searching who called the Indiana Department of Conservation seeking a "William Branham" who was a game warden all come back empty-handed. The Indiana state government has no record of a William Branham. Supporters of William Branham are indoctrinated to respond to this claim: "Because you didn't find a record, it was lost in the flood -- they have no records of Game Wardens from that time."

If this is the case, then why do they have records for Millard Davis? And why can we so easily find archives of newspapers from Jeffersonville and Louisville dating long before William Branham was even born?

Is Voice of God Recordings being honest with the people? Has every single newspaper, courthouse, and government archive of every kind selectively chosen to "lose" any and all pieces of information pertaining to William Branham?

... and if this is the case, then why can we still find his records?