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William Branham and the Jonestown Massacre

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William Branham and the Jonestown Massacre:

Earlier this year, the Jonestown website published an article studying the comparison between the "Message" of Jim Jones and the "Message" of William Branham. In an in-depth comparison between strategies in prayer lines, doctrinal stance, political motivation, and other events leading up to the massacre, the article asked the question: was Jim Jones' "Message" the same as William Branham's?

The "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple" is sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, and designed to give personal and scholarly perspectives on a major event in the history of religion in America. Its primary purpose is to present information about Peoples Temple as accurately and objectively as possible. The site offers many diverse views and opinions about the Temple and the events in Jonestown.

One can search through the many publications on the website to find all of the statements made by Jim Jones concerning William Branham, but it is very difficult. Most casual readers will not search through hours of sermon transcripts, phone conversation transcripts, FBI files, and more to identify which statements link the two cult leaders together.

This process has been made easier through the creation of a new page dedicated to the articles written for Jonestown Institute by John Collins and Peter Duyzer.

From the website:

John Collins and Peter M. Duyzer have written extensively about the controversial issues in the ministry of William Branham for the informational website,, and in the book Legend of the Fall available on Additional information is also available at the Freedom of Mind website.

The page at Jonestown:

Peter Duyzer's book on Amazon:

"Message" Mind Control Page on Freedom Of Mind: